PsychoPharmacology Quiz

There are smart people, but few who have an understanding of psychiatric medication.This quiz is designed to test your knowledge in this area. See how much you know and learn a thing or two!

Next time this topic comes up in a game of Trivial Pursuit you will definitely impress everybody in the room. I highly recommend you take this quiz. Go for it!

Created by: Lisa

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  1. Which of these medications is not an SSRI?
  2. Which of these medications are duel-acting, targeting both serotonin and norepinephrine receptors?
  3. Which antidepressant also has FDA approved indication for treatment of OCD?
  4. Which antipsychotic has priapism as a known side effect?
  5. Which antipsychotic requires dietary fat with each dose to be fully absorbed?
  6. Which antipsychotic has required minimum monthly lab screens?
  7. Which of these medications is NOT a benzodiazephine?
  8. Which antipsychotic is most likely to cause weight gain?
  9. Which antidepressant is the least sedating?
  10. Which food, when ingested while taking an MAO inhibitor, can cause a significant increase in blood pressure?

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