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  • Just a thought
    "So, the way I did it was to indent any paragraph that starts with a >. Looks like this. Is th"
  • Just a thought
    "Easy enough to add! Within the next several days."
  • Just a thought
    "Could you show me an image of what you want? I'm not sure I'm clear on it."
  • Two problems
    "Quizzes get locked when they get promoted in some way, to the front page or top quizzes, etc."
  • Just a thought
    "What sort of indenting?"
  • Can you delete this quiz
    "Deleted. "
  • Can you delete this quiz
    "Is it your quiz?"
  • "Emojis: probably it is newer emojis that aren't working, which is something I can look into. Quiz link error: it's buggy, but I"
  • "Silverspring, so are you saying certain emojis aren't working? Or all? I will look into the quiz maker issue, too. Maybe it isn"
  • so ive noticed
    "Yep, I thought it would make profiles a little more personalized!"
  • This is better now
    "Switching to show the last poster just wasn't sitting right with me, so I had to find a way to have both shown. Glad you like it!"
  • Suggestions
    "Thank you for the suggestions, and excellent post formatting may I add! I will consider each of these. Adding them to my to-do "
  • Takedown Request
    "Deleted. "
  • "Rain, yep I was just looking into that. Found the problem and it will be fixed soon."
  • "pheonix_pharaoh, are you seeing that multiple times? Or a one-time glitch? therealminime, I'll have to look into that. Can you "

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