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It is getting closer and closer to electing a new President, test your Presdential Knowledge with this little quiz I drew up. Its just a few little known facts that you may or may not know about past Presidents.

How well do you know useless Presidental facts? Are you one of those people that spend way too much time in finding the answers to useless facts, Take this quiz and find out. Don't worry if you find your nerdy,,,after all Look I made such a quiz....HaHa

Created by: Kansas
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1. Who was the only person to become President, that was NOT elected or a V.P. initially?
John F. Kennedy
Herbert Hoover
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
2. How many Presidents never attended college?
3. In what year was the term "First Lady" used?
4. Who was the only President to NEVER marry?
Ronald Reagan
James Buchanan
Richard Nixon
John Adams
5. Who are the only two Presidents burried in Arlington National Cemetary?
Lincoln and Adams
Washington and Jefferson
Kennedy and Taft
Nixon and Ford
6. Abraham Lincoln was the tallest President at 6"4" who was the shortest?
Jimmy Carter
George Washington
James Madison
George W. Bush
7. Who was the first President to appear on television?
Franklin D. Rosevelt
Herbert Hoover
Robert Kennedy
George Washington
8. Who was the first President to serve in the U.S. Navy?
Lyndon B. Johnson
Abraham Lincoln
John F. Kennedy
No President has served in the Navy
9. Who was the first President born in a hospital?
Teddy Rosevelt
James Monroe
William Taft
Jimmy Carter
10. At 77 who was the oldest President to leave office?
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
James Madison
George Washington
11. Who was the first left handed President?
Gerald Ford
Herbert Hoover
James Garfield
They have all been Right Handed
12. Who was the first President born in the United States?
Martin Van Buren
George Washington
John Adams
Abraham Lincoln
13. What was Richard M. Nixon's relegious affiliation?
Society of Friends (Quaker)
No affiliation

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