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  • I got......





    nut Dec 5 '15, 2:40AM
  • So I'm a big potterhead and I thought I would make a pottermore account and I know and believe with all my heart I'm a Hufflepuff but EVERY FREAKING TIME (which would be 7 times now) I get sorted into Griffindor. I've used so many cheats to get sorted into Hufflepuff. Once I was asked if I wanted to be sorted into Griffindor or Slytherin.

    kerklay Sep 13 '15, 3:13PM
  • I'm a hufflepuff. Usually I get gryffndor,which was really close. 0% slitherin or ravenclaw. This is just like everyone says. My favorite is ravenclaw though.

    Superbunnygigi Jun 23 '15, 11:44PM
  • Gryffindor 88% Slytherin 0%

    Graystripe Aug 27 '14, 9:00AM
  • Great quiz! I've taken literally (maybe not literally, but it sure feels like it) hundreds of sorting hat quizzes. This one was probably one of, if not the most, complex and detailed one I have taken. It was similar, yet different to the ones on Pottermore. I have taken the ones on Pottermore multiple times (there's a bit of a story to that), and each time, because the questions change, I have been sorted into each house. I got Ravenclaw on this quiz, followed closely by Gryffindor. I normally get Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, but have gotten the other two(Gryffindor and Slytherin) quite a bit as well, so it's difficult to tell where I really should be placed. If only Hogwarts was real so the sorting hat could place me. Haha.

    xSilenxNinjax Aug 25 '14, 2:52AM
  • I don't understand. I got ravenclaw o pottermore while here i took the quiz thrice and i always got gryffindor, ravenclaw second. Either way i am happy with the result. :)

    WolfStag Aug 3 '14, 10:20AM
  • Slytherin every time. Always and forever.

    GrayArtist Feb 2 '13, 11:34PM

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