Political Party Test

There are many parties but which one do you match the most with? This test matches with the most important political questions that are faced in our political parties everyday.

Of course you are probably sure where you are going to find out, right? Maybe. However this test may totally chance your perspective on politics. You may think you are a Democrat but you may come out as a Libertarian. Find out!

Created by: Donal_Young
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Government.
Less government more freedom
The government serves its purpose and should be kept at its current size
Some minor cuts to government but keep the most
The government needs to protect the environment so more government
4. Trade.
Trade should be free and no government interference
Free Trade hurts our jobs we need some tariffs to protect our jobs
We need this to protect our interests for the enviroment
We need to get out of all free trade agreements and stop all Free Trade
5. Abortion.
Abortion is murder and murder is illegal
Its the women's choice and her body
It should be up to the states to decide if its illegal or not
The government should not interfere with this matter
6. Drugs.
Drugs should be illegal.
It should be up to the states to decide
It should be legal its your own body
it should be legal but heavily tax it
7. Iraq and Afganistan.
Both wars are unconstitutional and we need to get out of both
We served our purpose we now need to leave
We should never have gone in we are not the world's policeman
We need to see the war to completion
I understand Afganistan but we should get out of Iraq
We need to stay in Iraq for our interests but get out of Afghanistan we can never control the independent tribes
8. Iran.
Sanctions serve their purpose. Use them
We do not need to interfere with them its not our problem
Hit them with a preemptive strike and take out their nuclear facilities
9. Censorship.
The Government has no Constitutional rights to censor anyone
The Government needs to not interfere with our lives
The government should make sure nothing bad for our children is on the air
10. Taxation.
We need to have more progressive taxation to help the poor
We should keep it about how it is
We should replace the Income tax with a Fair Tax or sales tax
Repeal the 16th Amendment and have a Fair Tax supplemented by tariffs
11. Oil drilling.
We need to drill in the Gulf of Mexico and in Alaska so we don't become reliant on foreign oil
We should not drill anywhere in fact we should move to cleaner energy
Tone down on what we have and be safer in our drilling so no more spills happen
12. Debt.
We need to stop all spending and return to the gold standard so we don't burst our inflation bubble
We need to tax more to gain more money to pay of the debts
We should cut most of costly useless government agencies and use the money to retract our Debt.

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