Pokemon Quiz: Which one are you?

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Triangle77 said:
Feb 26 '17, 11:10AM

Beatuiful123 I got mew as well

Spinny said:
Jan 5 '17, 10:29PM

Mew! Nice quiz!

MissElsa said:
Oct 21 '16, 12:31PM


ScorpionKing said:
Oct 3 '16, 4:57PM

I got Absol, says what I am like and is so cute, like me, cool.

Beautiful123 said:
Aug 6 '16, 5:04PM

I got Mew.


Strawberry01 said:
Aug 6 '16, 5:08AM

Pokemon Quiz: Which one are you?
Your Result: Mew

Everybody loves you! You are surrounded by friends, and prefer attention. You hate, absolutely HATE violence. You want world peace, and strongly support what you believe.









Epicminerpro said:
Dec 28 '14, 1:04AM

Best result ever

Lugia no one can stop me!

2 mewtwo 88
3 lucario 86
4 mew 77
5 pikachu 72
6 absol 70
7 chimchar
8 eevee 62
9 turtwig 51

pikachew said:
Nov 10 '12, 7:09PM

I got Eevee but NOBODY spells it right! Its just Eve with an extra e on BOTH sides! Everyone spells it Evee! Gaaah!
I will unleash my psychic powers! *retakes quiz and gets Mewtwo*

Kepler said:
Aug 26 '12, 7:18PM

Yay, Lugia (followed closely by Mew)!

lindsayfirewolf said:
Dec 18 '11, 1:03PM

:D yea abosl

ronexlp said:
Aug 3 '11, 7:15AM

hey,hey,hey i got what i wanted absol

sorentheowl said:
Mar 8 '11, 8:15PM

Lugia cool, he's my second strongest in SoulSilver, but i wanted Typhlosion, he's my strongest and my favorite.

TheBlueLucario said:
Aug 3 '10, 8:41PM

Cool im Lucario :D

Peanutr2d2 said:
Feb 25 '09, 6:58PM

COOLIO i got lugia ur results are awsomez dude

snowkuki said:
Nov 29 '08, 7:54PM

mew!!! i can turn in to any pokemon i like

ltlbabeangel said:
Nov 29 '08, 4:35PM

Eevee!!!!!! :D

Mrcool84 said:
Nov 29 '08, 2:07PM

That is so like me, u rock!

starfire3 said:
Nov 29 '08, 1:59PM

lugia cool i sound like one so thats good :) ;P

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