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Welcome to my quiz on Percy Jackson and the Olympians bock series. Your knowledge of this series will be tested. Good luck!Welcome to my quiz on Percy Jackson and the Olympians bock series. Your knowledge of this series will be tested. Good luck!

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1. What Dionysius threaten to turn Percy into if he's still at Camp Half-Blood after he comes back?
A dolphin
A grapevine
An Atlantic Bottlenose
A squirrel
2. What is Chiron's fake name at Yancy Academy?
Mr. Brown
Mr. Chrono
Mr. Brunn
Mr. Brunner
3. What mistake did Percy make when tying up Annabeth so she couldn't try swimming to the Sirens?
The rope was tooloose.
He forgot to take her knife.
He started swimming towards the Sirens
He broke the ship's mast.
4. How does Thalia prevent herself from becoming the child in the prophecy?
She commits suicide.
She joins the Hunters before she turns 16.
She allows herself to be defeated by the Chinera.
She goes back into her pine tree.
5. Why do Annabeth, Percy, and Luke all have gray streaks in their hair?
They tried to hold up the sky.
They are getting old.
They decided to dye it as a mark of friendship.
They accidentally got hit with permanent spray paint.
6. How does Aphrodite prevent one of the Hunters from going on the quest to rescue Artemis?
She kills a Hunter.
She haunts the Hunter in a dream.
She gets one of her kids to put Centaur blood in a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt.
She makes the Hunter become attracted to a man, which is against the code.
7. Who are Nico and Bianca di Angelo the children of?
8. Where does Tyson go after helping Percy obatin the Fleece in a quest?
He goes to work for Zeus.
He and Rainbow go on a worldwide cruise.
He returns to school.
He goes to work in the Cyclops forges.
9. How does Annabeth get herself, Percy, and Grover to Santa Monica Beach quickly.
She gives a taxi driver 50 bucks.
She uses the Mist on a taxi driver.
She steals a taxi.
She gives the taxi driver a Lotus Hotel Cash Card.
10. What does Circe turn Percy into?
A pig.
A guinea pig.
A mouse
A hamster
11. What monster was Mrs. Dodds?
A Fate.
A hellhound
A Fury
A Chimera
12. Why does Luke turn evil?>
He got mad at his father.
He was manipulated and mind-controlled by Kronos.
He is the child of Lax Luther.
He got mad at the Titans.
13. Does Annabeth ever kiss Percy anywhere?
14. Final Question!!!!!! What does Dionysius call "unplanned dinner entertainment?"
Some wood nymphs show up.
Stymphalian death-birds attack.
Percy sneds an Iris-message to Camp Half-Blood
Thalia secretly arranges for Greeen Day to perform at Camp Half-Blood.

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