percy jackson fan quiz

this nquiz will test to see how much you know about the percy jackson and the olympian series it will have difficult quistions but if your a percy jackson fan it will be a piece of cake

if you want to take this quiz you had to have read the percy jackson series so if you have not go read it and take this quiz or else you will fale ha ha ha

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. where is camp halph blood locaded
long island sound
united states of america
4. who is percy's mom
sally jackson
the lady who works at the candy shop
5. who is grover
a sayter
percys best friend
searcher of pan
6. who is annabeth
percys girlfriend
the leader of the athena cabin at camp halph blood
dauter of athena
7. who is chiron
percys battle instructor
a cenataur
8. who is luke
son of hermes
9. who is kronos
father of the big three
son of Gaia and Uranus
10. witch god is percys dad
The sea god
11. are percy and annabeth dating
12. is grover a sayter
i dont know

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