Orthodox Christianity Quiz

The Orthodox Church is the oldest Christian Church in existance. In the West, it is pretty much unknown even to this day. It is a church completely different to any church or "Christian denomination" in the west.

How much do you know about the ancient Orthodox Church? A church that still prescribes fasts? A church where all the senses are engaged during the services? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Scott Michael
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3. In which country did the Orthodox Church begin?
4. Icons are venerated in Orthodox churches.
5. Which of these is not a fasting period in the Orthodox Church?
Great Lent
Apostles' Fast
6. Which of these saints did not write a Liturgy?
St. John Chrysostom
St. Ignatius of Antioch
St. Basil the Great
St. James
7. What is the correct way to greet an Orthodox priest?
Say "G'day Father!"
Kiss him three times on the cheek
Cup your right hand in your left hand, extend it and say "Father, bless".
Smile and say nothing
8. Which of these is not an Orthodox belief about the Virgin Mary?
That she remained a virgin after the birth of Christ
That she is the Mother of God
That she was immaculately conceived
That she can intercede for us
9. What foods do Orthodox Christians abstain from when fasting?
Meat and fish
Meat, fish and dairy
Meat, fish, dairy and alcohol
Meat, fish, dairy, alcohol and oil
10. When does the Orthodox Church observe the feast of All Saints?
November 1
First Sunday after Christmas
First Sunday after Easter
First Sunday after Pentecost
11. Which prayer is known as the "Prayer of the Heart"?
The Trisagion
The Jesus Prayer
The Lord's Prayer
The Hail Mary
12. An Archpriest is to an Archimandrite what a priest is to a?
13. What is brought forward to be venerated at the end of the Divine Liturgy?
The Book of the Gospels
The Cross
The Censer
The Chalice
14. Which of the following was not one of the five ancient Patriarchates?
15. Who is the current Patriarch of Constantinople?
Theophilos III
Ignatius IV
Theodore II
Bartholomew I

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