Old Man's Syndrome Quiz

Old Man's Syndrome is a rarely talked about syndrome, in which sufferers display traits such as, self-righteousness, poor memory, self-absorbtion, tunnel-vision world view, loud-mouthedness, constant prying into other people's business, and other perplexing and annoying symptoms.

Are you suffering from O.M.S.? Are you showing early warning signs? Take the following quiz to assess your mental/emotional status, and see if you are at risk!

Created by: Tribble
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is wrong with Paris Hilton?
She's too damned sexy!
She wears too much make-up,
She's just another dumb blonde!
Who's that?
4. What do you think of the song, "We Will Rock You!" by Queen?
It's not my taste.
It's too damned loud!
Who's that then?
5. How many conspiracy books do you own?
I have a whole collection.
6. You are going to visit some friends. What is the fabric of the pants you will be wearing?
Cotton or other natural fiber
Polyester or other synthetic fiber
How the hell should I know?
7. What type of radio station is your car or home set to?
Rock 'n' Roll
Lite music
8. How are your computer skills?
I'm a pro! (IT/technician)
I'm not too bad (I understand things like DOS, ROM/RAM, the registry, etc)
I just know how to send emails and surf the web.
I'm not always sure how to turn the computer on or off.
9. My car is...
I have no car.
New and sparkly!
Large, comfortable, and quiet.
A cool powerful truck.
10. Do you know your significant other's birthday and age?
Yes, I never forget.
I know the month and date, but sometimes forget the age.
I'm pretty sure it's sometime in.... Well, they'll tell me when it comes.
11. Without which of the following would a house not be a home?
Kids and/or pets.
Beer and cable TV.
A portable radio, folding chair, and porch with a view of all the neighbours.
12. When I get into a debate or arguement, people generally...
State their position as they see it.
I hate confrontation and try to avoid it.
Seem to get a little huffy with me. It usually does raise blood pressure when they do that.
Why argue with idiots who don't listen to me?
13. Your neighbours are...
Nice, friendly people.
Well, sometimes they bother me, But you gotta live and let live.
Really useless people with brat kids.
Rotten, and up to no good, I'm sure of it!
14. Supper should be ready...
Sometime around suppertime.
At 6 p.m. sharp!
As soon as I realize I'm hungry.
15. The best woman in the world is...
My mother.
My wife/girlfirend.
An actress or model.
Me (if you are a woman)
There's no such thing as a good woman.
16. The government is...
A group of people administrating and caring for their country as best they can.
A group of educated people, trying their best to keep things from falling apart completely.
A necessary evil.
A bunch of cheats, liars, and idiots!
17. When in a group, the funniest person in the room usually is...
An entertaining person that attracts my attention.
A person who requires a bit too much attention for my energy level.
An obnoxious attention-seeker with a vulgar wit.
18. Does anyone ever tell you that they feel they need to protect you from yourself because you don't know when to shut-up?
Rarely, but it has happened.
All the time! What's the matter with them?
19. When you go to a bar, you usually...
I don't go to bars.
Check out members of the opposite sex.
Have a drink or two with friends.
Drink until I run out of money.
Play the video gambling machines until I'm out of money.
20. When you enter a room with people, do they usually...
Approach you?
Continue with what they are doing but talk with you if you want it?
Ignore you?

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