Naruto personality Quiz

i hope you enjoy finding out quite who you would be in the Naruto world, if you aren't who you thought you would be, im sorry. if you want another naruto quiz search the net, your bound to find one.

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Created by: Nina Merkur
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3. you walk past your team mate they start complaining you
apologize for being late, again
"um uh uh um er uh" you get a black eye
slap them on the back of the head
glare until they stop
4. you get your assingment whatever you did and its c rank, escort a gem to the land of the sand some guys jump you you
scream and run into the guy behinde you
you snicker and say"this should be fun"
sigh "this nis so irritating"
glare at all of them and they faint
fight and trip over the guys kunai
5. whether you did good or bad they left, but you find the box gone, you
scream panic and and look right where the box was
see if there is a genjutsu
you you strong eyes to search
look very where
let every one else do it
6. your team finds it and safely delivers it you spot someone from the chuning exam, you
give a huge smile and wave and- get slapped in the back of the head
giggle and wave shyly
7. you get home from the job you
run to the ramen stand
go home for a family dinner
walk home to your private home and eat in silence
skip dinner your on a diet
8. you get into bed you
shiver with excitement you cant wait for tommarrow
9. you wake up the first thing you think is
gotta get ready
breakfast *growl*
wheres my shower
10. you walk and to avoid your complaining tam-mate you think of a plan you plan is
punch them in their face
attack them, you start running towards them you fall flat on your face
ill complain lowder then them
11. you find out you got they day off you
try to get you loved ones attention
train and slip
get a makeover
play ninja
fight/ annoy your rival
12. its lunch time you eat
a lite salad your on a diet
whatever your dad made

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