which naruto character are you

Well there are many naruto characters and dont you want to find out which one you resemble. This test will judge your personality with the naruto characters. and seen which personality you have also. So take it.

Do you know which naruto character you are. Well take this quiz to find out. Who will you be. I will also take it and find out. Well its not just a naruto quiz it is also a kind of personality quiz and you kind find both out by taking this quiz.

Created by: Peter
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3. A very strong ninja appears and says he will kill you. What do you do?
Stronger than me? yea right. You attack him.
you hide in the shadows waiting to strike.
you hide making a plan.
You brutally kill him.
you hide eating potato chips.
4. You are assigned to train for 10 straight days. What is your reaction?
YESS i can get even more stronger now.
What a drag, training this long.
You dont complain or rejoice.
I dont need to train.
I would rather eat patato chips.
5. You have finished training now what do you do?
Eat patato chips.
Sit back and relax.
You are nowhere to be foun.
Kill someone.
6. Your team is assigned to an a rank mission. how do you react.
Aww man
maybee there will be strong opponents to kill.
A perfect way to find out if my training has payed off!!
7. Your sensei is captures. what do you do?
Go get him back immediately even if i have to go alone.
Go with my teamates that will be the only way to get him back.
Eat patato chips.
Kill my sensei because he was weak enough to get captured.
8. You safely come back from the mission. Now you are assigned to clean the floor of a mansion. how do you react?
Any traning is good training.
AW man you cal this a mission. it alsmost as bad as the last one.
Why cant we have another a rank mission?
You keep your thoughts to yourself.
9. The mansion is cleaned but one of your teamates tries out his special move and almost destroys the mansion. What do you do?
You call him an idiot and beat the crap out of him.
You think great what will we do know?
you kill them.
You run out of the mansion with the hole the provided.
10. Two weak ninjas ambush you for the tenth time today. What do you do?
Kill them they are too annoying.
You walk away from them they are not worth your time but if they touch you, they will pay.
You easily beat them and then make a mockery out of them.
you excitedely hop into battle.
11. You beat the ninjas and you then go home. What do you do wen u get there.
Train ofr a while then eat.
Lay down.
Train untill you cant move.
Why should i tell you?
Train to improve your techniques.
12. You go on your first mission in a while. Your freind is about to get killed. What do you do.
You take the hit for them.
You couldnt care less.
You get extremely mad when they are killed.
you try to stop the enemie.

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