naruto and inuyasha related charaters

this is about a inuyasha and naruto related test. it is when you need to tell me the right answer to each quishion about to charaters from inuyasha and naruto.

example: they both have on pink. answer: sango and sakura. if you think that you now the show well see and find out!!! you may nener now unless you try! so go for it! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Created by: natasha of natasha
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3. what naruto and inuyasha charaters is this? they both act like animals in battle and them have animals with them?
shino and koga
koga and kiba
sesshomaru and inuyasha
inuyasha and kiba
shippo and shino
hinata and neji
4. they are both female and they all ways hurt one of there one of there male friends?
ino and kagome
kagome and hinata
hinata and ino
ino and sakura
sakura and kagome
naruto and inuyasha
5. they both are very calm and almost unbeatable
neji and sesshomaru
sesshomaru and sasuke
sasuke and neji
sesshomaru and kakashi
inuyasha and naruto
i should i no!!
6. they are both smart and strong but can be very very preverted
inuyasha and naruto
sesshomaru and neji
koga and sasuke
miroku and naruto
miroku and jriyia
miroku and sango
7. they are both animals and samll
shippo and akamaru
kiba and shino
hinata and sakura
kagura and neji
ino and naruto
shippo and akamara
8. inuyasha and naruto's crush
kagome and sakura
sakura and kikyo
kikyo and kagome
sakura and hinata
hinata and kaogme
sakura and hinata
9. they use the wind for power in battle
temari and kagome
kagura and temari
kagrua and kanna
temari and gaara
kin and rin
rin and sesshomaru
10. (2 from each show)they are all powerfull and they work together
naruto and sasuke inuyasha and kagome
naruto and sakura sesshomaru and rin
sakura and sasuke inuyasha and kikyo
sango and shippo hinata and neji
miroku and kerara(kelala) kiba and gaara
naruto and neji inuyasha and rin
11. both of these charaters are the older unstoppable brothers
sesshomaru and itachi
inuyasha and shippo
naruto and itachi
hinata and neji
sesshomaru and inuyasha
sasuke and inuyasha
12. how do you like this test
hard as crap
ok i guess

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