Narnia Quiz-Part 1(Don't worry, Q are at the end)

Hey, welcome to Narnia Quiz-Part 1 (Don't worry, the Q are at the end). There will be no wrong answers, no swearing, no cussing, no misspelled words, and no questions repeated....Guaranteed! Have fun!

The Quiz below is about "The Magician's Nephew", about where some...Whoops, I shouldn't tell, should I? It'll give away a whole heck of alot of info. Just sit back, relax, and have fun! I hope you are a fellow Narnia Fan, just like me! How would you like to be called a NARNIA GENIUS? Well, take the quiz and see of you are part of that boat!!!

Created by: Narniafan
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1. What is Book # 1. (Not the order they are printed in now, though. What was C.S.Lewis' 1st book in the series?)
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Magician's Nephew
Prince Caspian
Last Battle
Sliver Chair
Voyage on the Dawn Treader
2. What is the age level? (How old do people have to be to read the books?)
Umm.....let's see....Any age?
3 & up!
1 to 1000!!!
I don't know
3. Have you ever read The Magician's Nephew? (This is what the quiz is really about!!!)
4. Who are the main characters? (The children in the 1st chapter.)
Digory & Polly
Paul & Dominique
Peter & Lucy
Aslan & Reepicheep
5. How do they get into "The Woods Between The Worlds"?
By magic, duhhh
The magician?
6. Who is Aslan?
Aslan is a big, furry, cuddly dog
Aslan is the evil witch
Aslan is the creator of Narnia
Aslan is a lion
Aslan is the king of Narnia
7. Who were Frank & Helen?
The 1st king and queen of Narnia
the 1st animals to speak in Narnia
The 1st dwarfs created in Narnia
Digory & Polly's school mates
8. Who was Queen of Charn?
The White Witch
The Queen of Narnia
9. What grew in Narnia after the witch threw it at Aslan?
A Lampost
A Tree
A Magic Book
A Streetlight
A Chandelier
10. How was Narnia created?
By a magic book
Aslan singing a song
Water thrown on the earth
Powers whispered to the animals and trees
11. Isn't The Magician's Nephew a great book?
I've never read it
12. The quiz is almost over!
I want more!
I want more!
I want more!
I want more!
13. Will you please take it again, or tell your friends?
14. Upcoming....Narnia Quiz-Part 2 (Don't worry about a thing)!
15. Just wondering....Have you seen the movie "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe"?
16. "Prince Caspian"?
I'm going to

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