Magister Magi Quiz

Do you think you know the most about Negima?! You think you have what it takes to pass this test? Well take the quiz now and see if you relly are a Negima fan!

Many people try their hardest because they think they are real Negima fans, but only the real fans can pass tests such as these. Take the test to see if you are are real Negima fan!

Created by: Matthewchips of ala-alba
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1. Practe Bigi Nar Ardescat
water drop
2. Captus Flammeus
rope of lightning
rope of fire
rope of wind
rope of flowers
3. Dios Tukos
lightning bolt
axe of lightning
lightning shower
executioner's sword
4. Crystallizatio Tellustris
Crystal earth
solid oceans
cloud of ice
frozen earth
5. Doru Petras
sword summon
human petrification
stone spear
petal shower
6. Evocatio
7. Flans Exarmatio
fire disarm
long range disarm
ice disarm
wind disarm
8. Flagarantia Rubicans
crystal sparks
red blaze
fire petals
9. Flans Paries Venti Vertentis
wall of wind
wind storm
fire tornado
wall of flames
10. Fulguratio Albicans
stone spears
lightning storm
white lightning
lightning spears
11. Laculatio Grandinis
ground spikes
hailstone spears
granite storm
hail tornado
12. Infernus Scholasticus
child body emprisonment
vampire curse
fire books
school hell
13. Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens
Jupiter's illusion
Jupiter's flame storm
Jupiter's storm of thunder
Jupiter's storm of darkness
14. Killipl Astrapez
thousand thunderbolts
thousand death spears
thousand stone spears
thousand ice shards
15. Raiten Taisou
darkness technique
dragon technique
lightning technique
petrification technique
16. Kosmike Katastrophe
world collapse
end of the world
cosmic calamity
magic destruction
17. Malleus Aquilonis
ice hammer
stone hammer
aqua hammer
hammer of the gods
18. Pnoe Petras
breath of life
flower breath
petrifying rope
breath of stone
19. Refectio
20. Sagitta Magica
magic arrows
magic bullets
elemental display
element strike

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