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Grade 10 academic english test on act 4 Macbeth. This is a Canadian, 2017 version of Macbeth. This is also a good study tool for Macbeth and is also very

useful to test your knowledge on Macbeth. If you have not read the book, I must warn you that there are a lot of spoilers ahead (obviously) and that you probably won't understand it to much. With no further adieu, good luck!

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1. Where is MacDuff?
In Thornlea
In Canada
In England helping to raise an army
2. Macbeth seeks out the witchs in order to:
Ask what he should do next
Demand what the prophecies really mean
Ask what he should do about MacDuff
All of the above
3. The first apperation tells Macbeth:
Beware of lady Macbeth
Beware MacDuff
Beware Fleance
4. The second apperation tells Macbeth that he cannot be defeated by:
Any man
Any trained soldier
A stranger
Anyone born from a women's womb
5. The third apperation tells Macbeth that he can only be defeated when:
He refuses to change
When his castle burns down
The forest moves towards the hills
The hills turn gold
6. These three apperations make Macbeth feel
Worried about MacDuff
Worried about losing the throne
All of the above
7. How does Malcolm attempt to test MacDuff's intentions?
Tells lies about how corrupt he (Malcolm) is
Tells a story about how horrible his father was
Tells MacDuff that he would be a great leader
Tells MacDuff that he should take the throne
8. Macbeth lashes out on MacDuff's family to assure that:
No descendant of MacDuff can inherate the throne
MacDuff will give up his plans for the rebellion
Lady Macbeth will not feel threatened
The apperations will come true
9. Lady Macbeth dies thinking her husband is:
None of the above
All of the above
10. What does lady Macbeth do before dying?
Sleep walks
Sleeps a lot
Sleep talks
Never sleeps
Washes her hands a lot
Goes to the three witchs

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