Love Story in Highschool part 1 (girls only)

Welcome back! If you are new, the first part is about bonding with 3 guys. Mike, George, and Luke were the 3 guys you could choose from. Will you to be together?

Will you two stay together or break up before it even started? What'll happen? Will you be together for part 3 or will you have to try again? Find out!

Created by: mikaela
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are at your house when the phone rings. It is:
4. He asks you out on a date. You say:
sure.......How'd you get my number
no.......How'd you get my number
5. He says it'll be a normal date at PJ's Burgers and that he'll pick you up at 8 on Saturday. He asks if its alright with you. You say:
No..... I want to go to Garleia's Fance Restaraunt
Sure........I LOVE PJ's
6. 45 minutes before your date you choose your clothes. You wear:
A normal shirt and jeans
A fance red silk dress
7. At the date the guy says he'll pay for everything but he's a little broke you can spend $45 together. He asked for a $10 burger. You get:
$100 steak
$10 burger
8. At the end of the date he walks you home. Then some cute gangsters surrond you two. They beat up your date. The leader grabs your hand and push you to the wal. You:
Scream louder
9. The guy starts kissing you. Then your date gets up and pushes the guy away. The gangster gets scared and leaves. You:
Hug your date and say,"my hero!"
Leave and walk away
10. Then you date grabs your hand and pushes you two the wall to. he starts to kiss you. You:
kiss more
push away and leave
11. He stops and whispers something in your ear.
12. The whisper either says he's not going to be you byfriend or if he asks you t be his boyfriend

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