love is in the air... part 6

*READ THESE FIRST* ok, so your name is lizzie and you went to degree high. you met two boys there and your met some more in the last quizes! if you didn't take the first few, do that before you take this 1 :)

The boys: Ethan- a sweet character, charming, tall, has blue eyes and blonde hair, and obviously likes you. Josh- strong and sensitive, has black hair and dark brown eyes, is medium height and is an emo-y type. Sam- a bad boy, cunning, yet sneaky, medium height (same as josh), red hair and blue eyes. Philip- very strange! A VAMPIRE! he has brown hair with a green highlight and color-changing eyes. Matt- outgoing, smiley type of guy, long-ish sandy-blonde hair, light blue eyes, and about as tall as you. Jacob- keeps to himself, quiet, doesnt like to get involved in things that arent adventures! He has short dark dark brown hair green eyes, and is average height.

Created by: Christie
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2. What is your gender?
3. ...Ethan has him undo the piece of metal and carry you to that dark downstairs room that you were going to go in! what could be in there?!
Josh is carrying me!! :3 *faints*
^but ETHAN told him to!
what could be in there?! (me: hey I said that!)
no i dont wanna go >:(
4. he flicks on a light that you didnt notice because it was so dark. and its....
Josh is still holding me :D
Ethan is so smart! how did he know that the light was there? (me: um... its kinda his!)
PHILLIP?! (me: NO)
is Jacob still ok?
5. a LAB!
really? that was it?! ALL THE SUSPENCE FO THAT!?!? -___-
awsome! Ethan is so cool!
Josh is STILL carrying me :D (me: ok we get it!)
6. you stare in awe at all the awsome equiment! this is a really high tech lab! Josh puts you down in a giant chair with little handcuff thingys on it (lol) and Ethan starts working. Josh walks out and goes upstairs while blowing you a kiss :*.
Josh... BLEW ME A KISS! *faints*
eww Josh blew me a kiss! gross :(~
Ethan better not give me a shot! D:
please fix me Ethan! but dont go TOO fast :D
i want Sammy back! :( LET ME GO ETHAN! (me: WOAH HES TRYING TO HELP YOU SO YOU DONT- wait, it'll spoil the quizes :D) (you: TELL ME!) (me: no >:) )
phew! a cure :)
7. Ethan works for a week straight! your have to sit in that chair (which is REALLY uncomfortable!) for a whole week! day and night just sitting there. your legs have been numb for like, 4 days!
LOL (me: i know right!)
Ethan is working so hard! on ME! :D (me: now THAT sounds wrong! :P)
i wish Josh would come back... :(
i haven't seen Jacob/ Matt for a whole... week?!
I WANNA STAY WITH SAM! >:( *jumps out and punches Ethan in the face and runs to Sam* (me: YOUR NOT GONNA GO WITH SAM!) (you: BUT I WANNA!)
8. 'IVE GOT IT!' shouts Ethan and you jolt awake surprised by the shout! all the guys sleeply run down the stairs (its 1am) and shout 'YES!' all at the same time, but not you. Ethan trys to give it to you, but you wont let him. (stupid pill >:( ) 'looks like were gonna need Matt for this one!' says Josh. 'why?' you think. 'at your service!' replies Matt. he stands with his legs speed partly apart, and his fingers on his temples (i think...) then, the cure sudenly floats out of the test tube and into the air! then it goes right into your stomach! but- you black out.
greaattt. i black out. >:( (me: haha i knew it would annoy you! >:D)
I DONT WANNA BE CURED! (me: calm down dude!)
Ethan is so cool! i bet no one ELSE could do THAT!
this one of Matts powers is soooo cool! (me: i know right!!)
9. when you wake up, your on a look around, and- JACOB is sitting there looking at you, not noticing that you woke up! when he relises, he looks surprised, and then runs away! what do you do?!
run after him of corse! i wanna see why hes running!
stay there and hope a different guy comes and looks at you!
run after him! i need to catch my little Jakey-Wakey!
get up and wander around a little, get a snack, read a book, whatever.
10. Well, i hope you chose the first one, cause you decide to go after him. You see him go into a room that says DANGER: DO NOT ENTER! So, of corse, you go in ;D then you start to float...
Um... Wat just happened?!
Jacob? Where are you?!
I wish i still had that pill :( (me: SHUT UP WE GET IT ALREADY!)
Cool im floating! :D
11. 'wha-what?' you think. 'the sign do not enter' someone says. 'Jacob, i just wanted to know-' 'why i was staring at you.' 'ya.' 'um... i was... you... are, um, interesting.' 'im interesting?' 'NO! not like that. just like... er... AUGH FORGET IT' he has been floating cross legged the whole time but now hes standing up facing you. 'i just...' he says. you float a little closer to him. 'was, jealous?' he looks up at you. 'maybe.' he whispers. you float closer. 'im just-' you stop him. 'its ok.' and you both float closer to each other...
OMG WE'RE GONNA KISS! :D ive been waiting for this moment all my life... *faints* (me: dude youve only known him for a like 3 days! :P)
ewww! i dont like him :(~
aww Jacobs jealous!
the other guys wont like this!
i am such a player in this quiz! (me: i know right!? :D)
12. you close your eyes and feel his soft warm lips press against yours. you can feel him smiling and you feel good inside because you made the saddest person you know happy! :D
i DO feel good inside!
:D *faints* I DID IT! (me: geez you didnt win the lottery or anything!)
dang i made him happy >:( (me: thats so meen!)
yay! :) i kissed him!
:O I DIDNT DO IT ONPURPOSE! she made me :'( sorry guys!
13. when you finish, he has a look on his face like this :O a 'did i just really do that?' face! you just smile at him :). 'so, um, can we get down now?' you ask him. 'OH! ya heh.' as you two lower, you ask how he did it. 'oh ya, i thought you'd ask that! so for my birthday Matt gave me some of one of his powers, which is levitation, and put it in a little box which i can switch on to make me float. it relaxes me.' 'oh ok' you reply.
oh ok?! thats all i said?! wow im stupid. (me: yah i know!) (you: thanks) (me: your welcome! :D)
thats hooot! :D~ (me: weirdo)
Matts so nice for giving Jacob some of his powers!
ya ya ya lets get to the point!
14. you both walk out off the room but Jacob stops you. 'Lizzie, thanks.' 'your welcome :)' you say back. then Ethan walks past. 'Lizzie! your awake!' he comes up to you and hugs you. Jacob gives him a little frown.
aww Jacobs jealous again! :3
Ethans hugging me! :D
ya ok wheres MATT?
i miss Josh :( where is he?
P. H. I. L. L. I. P. D:
oh, hello!
15. he lets go and you say 'oh hi Ethan!' Jacob still has his little frown (lol) and then the floor opens up and just swallows you and Ethan! 'LIZZIE!' Jacob shouts down the hole. 'what the heck just happened?!'
OMG what the heck?! :O a giant HOLE?!
at least im with Ethan! :D
crap im with that creep Ethan (me: well how nice are you! :P)
JACOB! NOOOOO (me: lol) (you: shut up)
:D i might see Phillip now!
i miss Matt/Josh/Sam :(
finally! (me: why did you take this quiz again?)
17. did ya like it?
no. it sucked. (me: you suck!)
ya i geuss
WORST. QUIZ. EVER. (me: i hate you. i really do.)
18. come back for part 7! :D
19. byyyyyeee!!!
tuse! (me: german ;) )
au revoir! (me: french ;) )
audios! (me: lol you know!)
cya suckaaa (me: idiot)

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