Lost (part 1 of 4)

I am sculpting a story from a unique point of view. His name is Kuchato, and he lives in an old run down city. I combines different elements of a good story in a gripping, special way.

Tell me in the comments how you liked the story! ^-^ if you are bored, try Appleshy's quizzes, Flutterwing's quizzes, and umm that's it. My quizzes are always clean, so don't worry! ^-^

Created by: Shying
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3. I hope you like my quiz :3
Shut up
4. I live in a old run down city. Nothing really happens here, nothing to do is probably its motto. The only stores for a mile are a decaying building with old stale food.
5. My parents died a while ago, leaving me with the house.
6. My mother was an artist who liked painting pictures of rainforests. That is what inspired me to go on my quest.
7. One average gray day in July, I decided to take a walk.
8. I walked along the old cracked up cement sidewalk, thinking.
9. I thought, 'This town is boring. Maybe I should go out of town. I've never been there before. No one has. '
10. I walked out of the gates. The first thing I saw creeped me out. It was the exact scene from my mother's best painting she titled, " rainforest"
11. That's it for now ^-^
12. Bye!
Later loser

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