Lithuanian Government Quiz

Lithuania is a tiny country, bordering Latvia, Russia, and Poland. Many people don't know much about Lithuania or its government. Do you know anything about the country of Lithuania, or its government?

See how much you know about Lithuania! Do you know absolutely nothing about Lithuania, a little bit, more than most people, or a lot! Find out know! Please enjoy this quiz about Lithuania and its government!

Created by: Myname
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1. How many branches of government does Lithuania have?
2. Does Lituania have a Unicarmal or a Bicarmal legislature?
3. What is the name of Lituania's legislature?
The House of Lords
4. Which one of these Lituanian political parties is a centrist party?
Liberal Union
New Union Social Liberals
Homeland Union
Social Democratic Coalition
5. Which two parties are leftist parties?
Homeland Union and Liberal Union
Liberal Union and New Union Social Liberals
Social Democratic Coalition and Homeland Union
Social Democratic Union and New Union Social Liberals
6. Which one of these parties is a right wing party?
Social Democratic Union
Liberal Union
Homeland Union
New Union Social Liberals
7. The Lithuanian Executive Branch has:
A President
A Prime Minister
A Dictator
Both A and B
All of the Above
None of the Above
8. The Prime Minister is also called the Premier.
9. Who runs the government with a cabinet?
The President
The Prime Minister
The Head of the Legislature
The Supreme Court
10. Who appoints the prime minister, government officials, and military officers?
The Head of the Majority Party
The Head of the Legislature
The President
The Previous Prime Minister
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
11. Which is the highest court in Lithuania?
The Constitution Court
The District Courts
The Supreme Court
12. Who appoints the members of the Supreme Court?
The President
The Prime Minister
The Head of the Legislature
They are elected directly by the people
13. Which of these determines the constituionality of new legislation?
The District Courts
The Constitution Court
The Supreme Court

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