Could You Be An Insurgent?

These days the label "insurgent" has a very negative conotation. It is often used to decribe terrorists who refuse to relinquish authority to a government authority. However, an insurgency is defined as a revolt against an oppressive government, whether domestic or by a foreign occupation.

Could you be an insurgent if you needed to be? If your country was occupied by an oppressive foreign government that attacked you, your family and your religion, would you fight back? How commited would you be?

Created by: Michael of MikeSpace
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How social are you?
I NEED people! I am a wreck without companionship.
I prefer to be part of a group of close friends.
I could care less about being social.
I prefer to be alone most of the time.
I HATE people. Stay away from me!
4. How impressionable are you?
I do whatever my friends tell me.
Honestly, I can be influenced some by peer pressure.
Peer pressure doesn't really affect me.
I go my own way most of the time.
I am a rebel, and proud of it.
5. How patriotic are you?
I support my country at all costs.
I am loyal until I am asked to do something wrong.
I support my country, but my family comes first.
I have no loyalty to this or any other nation.
I would sooner flee than fight for my country.
6. How strong is your integrity?
My morals are uncompromisable.
I know right from wrong, and try to live right.
I have a certain moral flexiblity.
Morals are for goody-two-shoes.
I do whatever I want.
7. How religious are you?
I place God above all things.
My faith plays a central role in my life.
I have a religion, but I'm not pious.
I've never really gotten into the whole
I follow no belief system.
8. How important are your loved ones?
I place my family above all things.
I would defend my family with my life.
I love my famliy, but my own welfare is more important to me.
I don't really care about my family.
My family is worthless to me.
9. How tolerant are you?
I think anyone who is different deserves to die.
It's ok for people to be a little different, but not too different.
I think people should adhere to societal norms.
People shouldn't be afraid to do whatever they want.
The more diverse, the better!
10. How stubborn are you?
I refuse to change!
I think people trying to force their ways on others are bullies.
I can change, but only within my own moral scope.
I am easily timid and easily bullied.
I let people walk all over me.
11. How peaceful are you?
Violence is never justified.
I'd rather let someone else do the fighting for me.
I prefer peace, but war is sometimes necessary.
To secure peace is to be ready for war.
I am trigger-happy!
12. How brave are you?
I am afraid of absolutely nothing!
I take care of business, afraid or not.
I'll fight if I'm backed into a corner.
I tend to avoid confrontation.
I admit, I am a coward.
13. How do you fight?
I like to end the fight as quickly as possible.
I fight dirty if I'm being beaten.
I prefer a good, long, even battle.
I enjoy taking hits to the face.
Hurt me, please!
14. How resourceful are you?
I am MacGyver, I'll use whatever to get the job done.
I'm pretty good at finding what I need to work with.
I'm only useful when I'm given all the right tools.
I'm lost if I don't have what I need immediately available.
I'm useless anyway!
15. How team-oriented are you?
If one falls, we all fall.
Teamwork is important in overcoming any large obstacle.
I work well with others, but can go solo if need be.
I prefer to work alone.
I do my best when I go solo. I am Rambo.

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