Are You Making The Most of Yourself At Work

There are many ways of regarding work. For some, it is a necessary evil, for some, a social duty, and for an unhappy few, an escape from the emotional burdens of home life and self. Whether you are dealing with family or colleagues, supplies or traders, government departments, bosses or domestic staff, you are bound to encounter frustrations. The workplace in some regards is a place of surrender. You may try to lay down clear ground rules for conduct, but they are seldom going to be hedded with any great consistency at work.

This test is to help you discovery how you handle frustrations. When you are done answering the 12 questions, you will be put in one of three categories. Not a Team-Worker, Not as industrious as You Think, and You are Great. This information can help you find a way to be more productive in the workplace.

Created by: Tony Imgrund
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3. How man hours of leisure do you have in every 24 hours?
4. A colleague is in a filthy mood which is affecting others at the workplace. You...
demand that they pull themself together
buy them a cup of coffee and tell them about your problems
ask them directly what the trouble is
5. A good salesman...
sticks rigorously to techniques as trained
uses every trick in the book to make a sale
is sincere and principled
6. You feel your immediate supervisor is working against your interests and those of the company. They will not listen to your ideas. You...
go over their head to their supervisor
quietly canvass the views of your colleagues
work on resentfully and keep the tenuous peace
7. Someone yawns while you are addressing a meeting. You...
assume that they are not interested or committed
assume that you are being boring
not link the two things at all
8. A colleague, equal in status to yourself, although outwardly a hard worker, is not pulling their weight or is undermining the team spirit. You...
express your feelings to them
express your feelings to their colleagues and superiors
lead by example and insist on their participation in your projects
9. You are in what seems to you a dead-end job, are unnoticed, and your work is taken for granted. You...
enroll in a training course, motivate you colleagues, and then if you still se no prospects, look for a new job.
look for a new job
complain to your supervisor, then, if you see no improvement, threaten to look for a new job
10. A client/colleague is angry and impatient and wants results now, regardless of procedure or rules. You...
retire behind a screen of regulations and formality
snap bach that you are doing the best you can
agree that procedures are infuriating and try to find out why they are so agitated
11. Teamwork is
a good way of bringing on and instructing the less able
a darned nuisance. You know how to attain your aims and prefer to work alone
the key to good management
12. A bright young prodigy rockets up the promotion ladder. You...
resent them and suspect nepotism/unseen favors
seek to make friends with and to learn from them
sink into depression and sense of inadequacy
13. You are negotiating a deal. You approach the negotiations...
ready to listen
having identified an upside and a downside and determined to demand the maximum and conded the minimum
knowing what you want and determined to get it
14. The person with whom you are negotiating a deal refuses to budge from an untenable position but simply bombardds you with the same demands. You...
thank them for their time but say that you can see no point in continuing this dialogue and leave the meeting
take up your position and bombard right back
continue to attempt to make them listen

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