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Check out this awesome quiz on Law and Order: SVU. Those of you who are regular viewers know what a great show this is. I know I can't go a week without watching at least one episode. Even if it is simply a repeat.

How well do you know Law and Order: SVU? Take the quiz and find out! Many of you will find you need to be loyal SVU fans to do well. I have made the quiz moderately hard to seperate those of view who watch bits and pieces vs. those who watch regularly like myself.

Created by: Jeremy of jvanderwyst
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1. Which actor has NOT been a guest star on a past episode of Law and Order: SVU?
Chad Lowe
Bob Saget
Jack Black
Matthew Modine
2. Which actress has NOT been a guest star on a past episode of Law and Order: SVU?
Margot Kidder
Tracy Pollan
Angela Lansbury
Angela Bassett
3. What is the name of Detective Stabler�s estranged wife?
4. Detective Benson lived in what state when she went to work undercover for the FBI?
5. Who is the only cast member from the show to have won an Emmy?
Mariska Hargitay
Christopher Meloni
Richard Belzer
6. What critically acclaimed drama did Christopher Meloni star in before Law and Order: SVU?
The Sopranos
7. What season did Ice-T join the cast as Fin?
8. Where did Munch live before working for the SVU in New York?
St. Louis
9. Why did Detective Beck leave the Special Victims Unit?
She was fired for assaulting a suspect
She couldn�t handle the nature of the crimes she was investigating
She was fired for getting personally involved with another detective
She personally didn�t believe she could replace Detective Benson
10. How did Detective Benson�s mother die?
She had cancer
In a car accident
She fell down a flight of stairs at the subway station
An overdose on prescription medicine

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