Know your Lutheran Hymnals?

Think you know your Lutheran hymnals? Try this quiz to see if you do know hymns, liturgy and which hymnal is questioned. Any Lutheran can come in and try this quiz. Some answers may suprise you.

Are you a seminarian, organist or a church pew potato? Come on and try this quiz to rack your brain. This is geared toward ELCA/AALC members, but any hymnal junkie can give this a whirl.

Created by: JG Eklund of A Mighty Fortress Project
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3. What hymnal did the Swedish Lutherans use?
Hymns from the Homeland 1898
Concordia Hymnal 1932
Service Book & Hymnal 1958
Hymnal for Church & Home 1928
Common Service Book 1917
Hymnal 1925
4. What hymnal did Norwegian Lutherans use?
Lutheran Book of Worship 1978
Service Book & Hymnal 1958
With One Voice 1995
Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal 1907
Concordia Hymnal 1932
Common Service Book 1917
5. The Finnish Lutherans (Suomi Synod) used their own liturgy, translated into both English and in native tongue. What hymnal did they use to sing their hymns?
Evangelical Lutheran Worship ELW
Service Book & Hymnal SBH
Hymnal 1925 - Augustana Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Hymnnary 1912
Hymnal For Church & Home 1927
Worship & Praise 1995
6. In the red Service Book & Hymnal, how many worship settings of liturgy did it have?
One setting: Anglican Chant
Two settings: Anglican & Reformation Music
5 settings of liturgy
3 settings, 3rd being plainsong sold separate
No settings of liturgy
Danish liturgy
7. Before the Lutheran Book of Worship was published, which branch of Lutherans backed out and produced their own hymnal clone?
Suomi Synod
American Free Lutheran Church
Wisconsin Synod
Missouri Synod - LC-MS
Icelandic Synod
Methodist Synod
8. Which hymnal was published by the Danish Lutherans?
Service Book & Hymnal SBH
Evangelical Lutheran Hymnnary 1912
Common Service Book 1917
American Lutheran Hymnal 1930
Covenant Hymnal 1930
Hymnal for Church & Home 1927
9. Which hymnal did most German Lutherans use?
Common Service Book 1917
American Lutheran Hymnal 1930
Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal 1907
The Hymnal 1925
Lutheran Hymnnary 1912
The Lutheran Hymnal 1941
10. In the green LBW, which setting is hardly used for worship because it sounds so bad compared to the original in Service Book & Hymnal?
Setting One
Setting Two
Setting Three
Daily Prayer
Evening Prayer
11. In the new Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal ELW, which hymntune is most frequently used more than the others for different hymns?
12. Which contemporary Lutheran composer has more hymns in current hymnals than Martin Luther?
Johann Sebastian Bach
John Ylvisaker
Martin Marty
Marty Haugen
Mary Martin
Johann Bugenhagen
13. Who is the composer of LBW/LW setting 2?
Marty Haugen
Martin Marty
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Ronald Nelson
David Cherwin
14. Since time began, men have dominated music in the Lutheran church. In Service Book & Hymnal (SBH) who was the women composer of the beloved Continental Setting 2 that made a huge dent on church music?
Katherina Von Bora
Antonio Brico
Julie Hausemann
Frances Havergal
Regina Holmen Fryxell
Susan Briehl
15. Which blue paperback testbook was used as the basis for the liturgy for what became LBW 2?
With One Voice
This Far By Faith
Chicago Folk Service
Contemporary Worship 2 (1970)
Renewing Worship
Church Hymnal for Sunday School 1964
16. "Earth and All Stars" is a beautiful Lutheran hymn. It was written for the 1964 graduation of this Lutheran college famous for it's choirs.
Augustana College - Sioux Falls
Augustana College - Rock Island
Dana College
Pacific Lutheran College
Gettysburg Seminary
St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN
17. A hymnal is like a cookbook in which we obtain the recipe for the bread of life. This Lutheran publishing house shares Minneapolis with Betty Crocker's cookbook publisher.
Concordia CPH
Augsburg Fortress
Northwestern Press
Augustana Book Concern
Ignatius Press
St. Olaf Bookstore
18. Which hymnal was the first attempt of bringing together many Lutherans from different ethnic backgrounds?
Common Service Book 1917
Hymnal for Church & Home 1927
Lutheran Book of Worship 1978
Evangelical Lutheran Worship 2006
American Lutheran Hymnal 1930
Service Book & Hymnal 1958
19. Which Swedish hymnist saw her father drown, had health issues and lost her only child? She wrote "Children of the Heavenly Father."
Lina Sandell
Ingrid Bergman
Jenny Lind
Queen Christina
Princess Eugenie
20. This service was featured in many hymnals as an attempt to get the Lutheran church to unite.
Now The Feast And Celebration
LBW Setting 1
Continental Setting 2
Orbis Factor Mass
Chicago Folk Service
The Common Service 1888
21. In many Lutheran hymnals this liturgical song is sung during Communion. It has been claimed to have been written by Martin Luther and his friend Johannes Bugenhagen over one of Katie Luther's beers.
O Christ, Thou Lamb of God
All Glory Be To God, On High
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Lamb of God, Most Holy
In Joy and Peace I Now Depart
Lamb of God, Pure and Sinless
22. Luther wrote this famous hymn that is featured in all Lutheran hymnals after one of his friends was burned at the stake by the local Roman Catholic diocese, which angered Luther.
Lord, Keep Us Steadfast By Thy Word
A Mighty Fortress is Our God -(Ein Feste Burg)
We All Believe In One True God
Gather us In
In Joy and Peace I Now Depart
Here I am, Lord
23. Which hymnal featured more Bach tunes and harmonizations than any other?
Lutheran Book of Worship
Service Book & Hymnal
With One Voice
Evangelical Lutheran Worship ELW
Hymnal Supplement 1991
Worship & Praise
24. Which Lutheran hymnal has a reputation for unsingable hymns?
Service Book & Hymnal
American Lutheran Hymnal
Lutheran Book of Worship
With One Voice
Evangelical Lutheran Worship ELW
Hymnal 1925
25. In what Lutheran hymnal will you find the Maundy Thursday hymn "The Soldiers Led the Savior Out"
Hymnal for Church & Home
Service Book & Hymnal
Lutheran Book of Worship
Augustana 1925 Hymnal
Concordia Hymnal
Common Service Book
26. About how many combinations of liturgy settings could you pull together from the new ELW hymnal?
27. What happy hymn was sung most often during the 1960's for opening hymn? It is often associated with burnout from babyboomers and pastors from that era.
Built on a Rock
O Savior, Precious Savior
The Church's One Foundation
Just as I am
Holy, Holy, Holy
Rock of Ages
28. What 1970's shiny Lutheran hymn found its way into most all Lutheran and other denomination hymnals today?
Now the Feast
Rise, Shine! You People
Now the Silence
Earth and All Stars
Now We Join the Celebration
Lord, Now You Let Your
29. Which ELCA hymnals have been red?
Common Service Book/Concordia
ELW/SBH/American Lutheran Hymnal
With One Voice/Concordia
Hymnal 1925
30. In the familiar Sanctus in LBW 2, who embellished this melody used by Luther by giving it more notes and jazzing it up?
Johann Bugenhagen
Ludvig Lindemann
Johann Sebastian Bach
Marty Haugen
Ronald Nelson
Regina Fryxell
31. Which was the most difficult setting in LBW to learn with it's chromatic music and strange Gloria?
Setting 5
Setting 2
Setting 4
Setting 1
Morning Prayer
32. Which famous Lutheran choir director/musician edited the 1912 Lutheran Hymnnary hymnal?
Marty Haugen
Regina Fryxell
Luther D. Reed
Ronald Nelson
Jay Beech
F. Melius Christensen
33. Which one of these hymns is not Lutheran in our hymnals?
A Mighty Fortress
Built On A Rock
Joyous Light Of Heavenly Glory
For All The Saints
You Are Holy
Great is Thy Faithfulness
34. George Handel who wrote the melody parts to "Joy to the World," and "Thine is the Glory" was Lutheran. True or False?
35. Ludvig Lindemann wrote several hymntunes to Danish Lutheran pastor Gruntvig's hymntexts.
36. "Behold a Host Arrayed in White" is a Norwegian-Swedish funeral song with the harmony written by Edvard Grieg in every major Lutheran hymnal.

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