A spy is a person who never reveals his/her true identity. He/she is a master of stealth and never gives up on his mission. Do you have an inner desire to be a spy?

We all know that everyone has a secret, inner spy. But what is your spy name? Find out in this amazing quiz that wll reveal your true identity. Continue forward in hopes that you will not fail the test of espionage.

Created by: Ryan of just keep running
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2. What is your gender?
3. Do you find yourself checking your back for possible assasins every second?
YES/ My fear is constant - I will be killed.
MAYBE/ I don't check every second, but most of the time, I worry for my safety.
NO/ What?! No one can kill ME.
4. Do you know how to fire a gun?
YES/ Who doesn't?
MAYBE/ I have an idea of how to, but I can't be sure...
NO/ I've never touched a gun before.
5. Do you run back ground checks on all of your new acquaintances?
YES/ No one can be trusted.
MAYBE/ I do for some people, but others are perfectly fine.
NO/ How could I break their privacy?
6. Do you wear black clothes often?
YES/ A good spy must blend in with the dark.
MAYBE/ There's plenty of black in my closet, but I have all the colors of the rainbow.
NO/ Black is such a depressing color. I NEVER wear it.
7. Do you think that your closest friend is a double agent?
YES/ I've never trusted him/her.
MAYBE/ Sometimes, I don't trust him/her, but for the most part, I trust him/her.
NO/ I absolutely KNOW that my friends are on my side.
8. Have you watched any of the James Bond movies?
YES/ I have actually seen ALL of them.
MAYBE/ I've seen parts of one or two.
NO/ I've never seen one at all.
9. Do you hide any of your precious belongings in the fear that someone will steal them?
YES/ All of my items are preciously hidden in my secret cupboard.
MAYBE/ I have a few things stashed away, but it obvious places.
NO/ Nobody is going to steal my stuff.
10. Do you think that people have already read your mail before you could get your hands on it?
YES/ All my mail is read prior to my reading of it.
MAYBE/ I'm not sure, but I have my suspicions.
NO/ My mail is read ONLY by me.
11. Do you check behind the corner before entering a room?
YES/ You never know who's waiting for you inside.
MAYBE/ Occasionally I peek, but I feel safe for most of the time.
NO/ Who needs to peek when you've got a gun?
12. Do you screen your mail for secret messages from the United States government?
YES/ You never know what might be between the lines
MAYBE/ It depends on the date and time
NO/ I am not a paranoid freak!

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