Jordan's Quiz !!!!

This quiz is about lyrics to songs, and questions about tv shows. People including: Mirada Cosgrove, Orianthi, Ke$sa, Big time Rush, and Nick Jonas & The Administration!!!!

Do you know your Lyrics? Do you watch tvshows very well? if you do this is the quiz for you. if theres any qestions comment!! i wont mind. What do you think you'll get?

Created by: jj
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1. whats the next line to tik tok wake up in the mornin'
feeling like nick jonas
feeling like p. diddy
to grab my glasses im out that door
lets go to hit the city
2. whats the next line to halfway there We're halfway there and looking back now
i never thought that i'd ever say
when the chips are down back againes the wall
so we take waht comes and we keep on going
3. whats the next line to kissin u When i'm kissing you my
puzzle peice is hard to find
heart starts pounding big
senses come alive
4. whats the next line to make a wave just a pebble in the water
a simple act of kindness
what if there right in the smallest of things
can stir the widest ocean
can set the sea in moition
5. whats the next line of according to you but according to him
according to you im stupid im useless i cant do anything right
i stink at telling jokes cause i always give it away
im beautiful, incredible, every thing he ever wanted
6. whats the next line to baby when i was 13 i had my first love
there was nobody who could compare to my baby
nobody come between us that could ever come above
she woke me up daily no need for starbucks
skip a beat when i see her on the street
7. whats the next line to party in the usa i hopped off the plane at
L.A, man
Los Angeles
8. whats the next line to one time when i met you girl my heart went
bam bam
crash crash
boom boom
knock knock
9. whats the next line to here we go again so how did you get here under my skin?
something about you is si addictive
i swore that i'd never let you back in
hard as i try i know i cant quit
you only hear half of what i say
10. whats the next line to olive an & arrow she never been into honesty
when your lying
she wants to be an eagle
cause i know she'll give me
so promise me you'll let me know
11. which of these movies has kellan lutz in it?
Alice In Wonderland
12. Which of these people guest starred in Hannah Montana
Noah Cyrus
Demi Lovato
Keke palmer
Jason Dolley
13. which of these people guest starred in jonas
Bridgit Mendler
Jason Dolley
Emily Osment
Mitchel Musso
14. Whick person shaved there head for a flash back of Lex on Smallville
Lucas Grabeel
Asher Book
Ashton Kutcher
Topher Grace

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