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Awwwyeah said:
Feb 27 '12, 9:28PM

Not bad.

iamjamdeb611 said:
Jan 27 '12, 2:00AM

I got 55%, pretty good for a 13-year old kid like me... more than a half, I remembered the answer for the difficult ones, i forgot the answer of the easy ones.. haha lol XD

iamjamdeb611 said:
Jan 27 '12, 1:59AM

I got 55%, pretty good for a 13-year old kid like me... more than a half, I remembered the answer for the difficult ones, i forgot the answer of the easy ones.. haha lol XD

gimmegame78 said:
Nov 24 '11, 3:02PM

to bevsny: its a quiz and that was probably a mistake.
to kayla92: if u post those dumb--- chain letters then u have no life.

Bevsny said:
Jun 29 '11, 4:06PM

#26 and 31 each have bad grammatical errors. Also in your evaluation comment. One does not say "those ones". Just "those" is sufficient all by itself. Makes me wonder, with all those errors if you have all your answers exactly right. :)

DepravedLee said:
Apr 9 '11, 10:42PM

43%! I did pretty good considering I'm only 14

sara63 said:
Dec 12 '10, 2:36PM

ooh, tough quiz!
ps stupid chain posts

LibbyBeth said:
Oct 3 '10, 7:40PM

I got 51%... pretty good! I was just guessing on most of them anyway, lol. :)

appayipyip said:
Jan 19 '10, 12:30AM

60%- And by the way, for Jeopardy style questions, you are supposed to say "What is" before each possible answer, and the questions must be in answer format. For example:

QUESTIO N- The capital of Greece is this ancient city.
ANSWER- What is Athens?

Nice quiz anyway.

scamp241 said:
Aug 2 '09, 3:09PM

i only got 10 percent i said idk 4 alot and 4 da ying yang question i looked it up

VeganVampire107 said:
Jul 23 '09, 10:57PM

60%, second place winner:))

TobiXTheGoodBoyX said:
May 19 '09, 10:46PM

You would score 77% on Jeopardy

Excellent!!! You would be the returning champion for at least 3 weeks!!! You should be very proud and shoud consider applying for Jeopardy! You would make it on! You probably did very well in school and/or attended atleast 2 years of college!

Wow. Most of this stuff was random trivia, as usual.
Another thing is, I am in middle school.
This either means I have too much time on my hands or I read too much Wikipedia and other such stuff.
It's probably a combination of the two....

To you others out there, it's always random trivia!
As they say, "Expect the unexpected!"

--T obi

demoned angel said:
May 16 '09, 11:13PM

holy crap i got 8%

martin_bluck said:
May 10 '09, 12:21PM

You would score 43% on Jeopardy

Not bad. Questions were tough. You did okay. You could consider yourself pretty smart answering some of those questions. Only a few were trick questions, and you probably got those ones wrong!

wow that was a good quiz

CrazyThunder said:
Apr 6 '09, 6:36PM

You would score 59% on Jeopardy

Pretty good! Second place would have won you some good money!!! There were some trick questions and you probably got those right and the easy ones wrong. Just kidding! You did pretty good and should be proud!

Holly said:
Mar 30 '09, 6:54PM

i got 54 percent. i guess that's good but ill be honest i googled about 4 questions but i still think i got 1 of those wrong!=)

Dec 21 '08, 7:05AM

i only got 62%, that was pretty tough, and to think i thought it would be easy, whew, good job creator...that was cool and fun

fusism said:
Dec 15 '08, 12:03PM

ohh, this is a tough one! i only got 43% xD

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