it's time for a MARVEL quiz!

This is quiz that tests you knowledge about the Marvel comics (and not the movies)! You will find super easy questions and terribly difficult questions.

Be sure to answer truthfully and carefully. Are you smart enough to get 100 or just 1%? Are you Member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society? Well if you are, let's get started!

Created by: Samuel
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1. Who came first?
The Human Torch
Mr. Fantastic
The Thing
Invisable Woman
2. Who was the first African-American Superhero?
Black Panther
Nick Furry
Luck Cage
3. What collage does Peter Parker go to?
Empire State University
University of New York City
William and Mary
4. Who is "The Man"?
The Hulk
Stan Lee
5. What is the false title?
The Amazing Spiderman
The Ever-Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing
The Invincable Iron Man
The Wondrous Wasp
6. What is Captain Americas real name?
Phill Watkins
Steve Rogers
Peter Parker
Joe Menson
Captain America does not have a secret identity
7. What was the first Marvel team?
The Fantastic Four
The Avengers
The X-Men
The Marvel Knights
8. What is Stan Lee's real name?
Stanley Lieber
Stanley Layber
Stanley Leiber
Stan Lee
9. Who was the first to illustrate Spider-Man?
Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Jack Kirby
10. Who was the first villain the Fantastic Four encountered?
Doctor Doom
Mole Man
The Razor
11. What is the Wizzer's power?
He can fly super fast
He can dig super fast
He can run super fast
He can swim super fast
12. Who where the first characters to fight?
The Incredible Hulk vs. Poseidon
Namor vs. The Incredible Hulk
The Human Torch vs. Namor
The Beetle vs The Human Torch
13. What was the original color of The Incredible Hulk?
14. Who was the first Spider-Man villain to appear twice?
The Vulture
Doctor Octopus
The Green Goblin
15. What villain does Joe 'Robbie' Robertson know from High-School?
The Rhino
Black Cat
The Leader

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