Is your Male/Female friend your perfect match?

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da foxy said:
Apr 16 '15, 5:09AM

Stop playing five nights at freddy's. im bored of jumpscaring the night guard. please im trying to talk to my friends aka freddy, chica, bonnie, puppet, balloon boy, balloon girl, purple man and golden freddy. this is a call from the animatronic's. If you never have played good. If you are not playing good. If you are playing we will jumpscare you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Skateboardergirl said:
Aug 19 '10, 9:15PM

I got yes but he has a gf im been his friend for 5 years he wouldnt like me im not blonde like his gf but im a whole lot nicer then she is even though shes one of my bffs

Too me said:
Feb 16 '09, 12:00PM

Your Result: Yes!

You and your male/female friend have mostly everything in common! There's a few dissagreements here and there, but they come around nice and easy. The only question about these results you should have is why haven't you and your friend gone out yet?

- lol... im such a chicken!! ive taken liike 20 quizzes that all say yes but i still dont believe he likes me... we i think he likes me a little again since my friend broke upp with him. we liked each other last ear and we both knew but m scared this year!!

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