Is your cat planning to kill you?

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otty said:
Jul 23 '14, 10:13AM

um my familys preicous isabell i love her

AlexTheCat said:
Jan 22 '13, 2:20AM

a cat "kneading" is a sign of I got 87% somehow???

Erasiloria said:
Dec 17 '11, 4:25PM

OMG 97?!?!?!?1 HELP!!!!!

LolcatEpicFails said:
Sep 21 '11, 3:24AM

srry bout te last comment, was trien somfin but it didnt work >:[. MAI KITTEHS GUNNA KILL MAI!!!!!!!!!. screw mai life

appayipyip said:
May 25 '09, 2:17AM

Cats are not evil, I just took the quiz to see if you're the average person who lies and says cats are evil.
Yep, you are.

Eritti said:
Jan 19 '09, 5:55PM

My cat is a saint, heck with your quiz

luckypuppy13 said:
Dec 9 '08, 8:31PM

96% chance my cat is gonna kill me, crap!!!!!!!!!!

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