Is he crushing on you (Middle School)?

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lolwhyamihere said:
Apr 29 '16, 6:18AM

Jessica889 said:
Jan 17 '16, 12:53AM

86% he likes you! Good sign!

An1meL0ver said:
Oct 28 '15, 6:25PM

I don't know if he likes me, but I like this boy in my class. I've known him since last year and have had a crush on him. His name is Luis and I REALLY REALLY like him. The way he acts, he will talk to my friends ( who are in the same class) but he won't talk to me...... Sometimes I catch him looking at me and then he'll look away. When he comes near my desk ( my friend sits next to me and his friend is behind me) I get all nervous. Sometimes my friends are partnered with him and I'll just joke around with my friends secretly about how they have to be partners with him......... I really like him but I can't say it! I'm too afraid he might reject me and he's sorta like my friend. I don't want to ruin that, so someone please help me with advice!! >.

19Rileya said:
Apr 25 '14, 10:46PM

Well until a couple months ago I just considerd this boy as a friend but now I'm in like love with him im glad he likes me back Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh hh

19Rileya said:
Apr 25 '14, 10:45PM

Well until a couple months ago I just considerd this boy as a friend but now I'm in like love with him im glad he likes me back Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh hh

Regular_Catz said:
Jul 14 '13, 10:35PM

this guy who like litteratly talks to no one even me always looks at me XD my friends noticed i did to
Hes not bad looking but very very very shy

hiImadirectioner said:
Mar 9 '13, 7:14PM

Okay, well he ALWAYS like playfully punches me and touches me (like my shoulder, or my knee to his) and he always takes my stuff and writes on it (ie: pencil cases, notebooks, books) and he has a nickname for me... we are friends and we always can talk easily. He always makes me laugh... I think he likes me, but i dont know, please helppp!!!

loveylocks said:
Feb 4 '13, 7:45PM

so this guy in my middle school class he makes me paper cranes offers me penclies and gets me a calulator every day and tries to make me laugh i like him but i don't want to ruin our friends ship what should i do? please if you have any adivce contact me a [no emails] thanks!!

Luv4ever13 said:
Feb 1 '13, 5:57PM

So there is this guy that sits in front of me and he is constantly taking my stuff and writing on it, he squeezes me feet which is really weird but I think it is because he is trying to touch me. He always tries to talk to me and tease or anger me. He asks to be partners some times and he called me little and small and short. He also tries to talk to other girls but he only teases and touches me. I am afraid he just likes messing with me! Do u think he likes me or am I wrong???

ayoojaiime said:
Sep 12 '12, 5:00PM

Well the guy I like sits behind me & he is always perpously droping his pencial juss so I can get it for him & he waits for me so we can all to lunch together...&amp ;amp;and he's always getting me my stuff for me does he like me?

PurpleCherries said:
Mar 27 '12, 8:31PM

He Likes Me as a Friend!

Wow, awesome quiz! He winks, smiles, teases et cetera. It is funny but I'm not sure if my brother has dared him to do it or not! Whenever we make eye contact, he winks! I wonder, does he like me? He's in 8th grade and I'm in 7th. He has a little sister in my little brother's grade and I think she likes him. Wow, I wonder if this could be all a joke... OR not! :D

spotty dinosaur said:
Mar 17 '12, 2:50PM

Thanks alyka4321! i think i might! :)

alyk4321 said:
Mar 17 '12, 11:41AM

@spotty dinosaur:
I think he might like you. If ur pretty sure he does, why not ask him? Or get one of your friends to. :) hope it works out for ya!

ICONiac16 said:
Mar 16 '12, 10:40PM

I'm not even on middle school I'm goin next year btw I'm 12 gunna b 13 next year just saying I was bored so yeah oh yeah and I got this:Your Result: He likes you!

All the signs are pointing to it... Do you like him back? Go for it! Flirting is in order :) Best of luck to you two lovebirds and your new 'relationship'!

PurpleCherries said:
Mar 16 '12, 9:13PM

So I took this quiz again and I got just as a friend for a different crush. This crush already has a girlfriend which pisses me off, but he still is playful around me! I wish that we could be more than friends, and it seems possible... c(;

PurpleCherries said:
Mar 16 '12, 9:10PM

He HATES me! Thanks for ruining my dreams. But that was only one crush. I'll take it again for the other crush.

spotty dinosaur said:
Mar 16 '12, 4:59PM

I like this guy that i sit next to in maths. He can be really annoying like taking my stuff but he gives it back at the end of the lesson. We always talk to each other in maths and he sometimes tells me how much sport he does; like he plays rugby for the school,football for a club and he goes to an athletics club. Most people think we should go out but they don't even know if we like each other. I think he might like me but i'm not sure.....What do you think? P.S sorry it's long...

serenity smith said:
Mar 16 '12, 1:06PM

its complicated

StarDanny said:
Mar 15 '12, 8:11PM

Is he crushing on you (Middle School)?
Your Result: Just as a Friend

Looks like you've been misreading the signs... The guy just wants to remain friends. Don't give up hope, though! Try and flirt it up and he just may fall for you! lol cool :D

Brooklyn said:
Mar 15 '12, 7:01PM

I expected that, he hates me but were in two different grades and barely see each other so how could we get to know each other? Whatever I'll be lonely for the rest of my life.

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