Instant Japanese

This is the quiz for knowing if you really picked up anything during INSTANT JAPANESE!!! So don't talk to your neighbor. We value integrity here. Get your worksheet out because that is something you can use during the test. Good Luck! Ganbatte ne!

This is a multiple choice quiz. Some answers have different weights to them. If you answer badly it may negatively effect your score more. But you just went through INSTANT JAPANESE, so of course you should be able to remember everything correctly.

Created by: Devin of Instant Learning
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. The Japanese language is called...
nissin noodles
knee high socks
4. A monophthong is a pure vowel that...
is uncommon in Japanese
is used a lot in English
is fixed, and does not glide up or down
is a Dr. Seuss character
5. The phrase "Ah, we soon get old." helps...
remember correct vowel pronunciation
acknowledges the loss of your youth
something you hope for your children
6. Washington State's biggest trade partner is...
7. Saying hello during the day is...
8. Ohayo Gozaimasu is used during the...
morning time
at baseball games
evening time
when people sneeze
9. This phrase is used when people meet for the first time...
Hanime Makute
Hajime Mas---e
10. "Itadakimasu!" is said before
eating food
entering a building
meeting your in-laws
drinking alcohol
11. Japan uses this number of alphabets...
12. Yoshoku is the style of
modern japanese food
ancient ninja techniques
modern japanese dance
13. "Shashiburi Ne!" is said to someone when...
you haven't seen them for a while
they have food stuck on their mouth
you are laughing and making a joke

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