ignorance and standards quiz

This quiz is in fact intended to measure ignorances and standards based on 5 commonly noted types of people. The best way to handle this quiz is to answer honestly and truthfully because otherwise you just lie to yourself.

If you go in thinking your not ignorant, or that you are, it will very well dictate your outcome, so choose wisely. Not all answers are as they appear and some of them actually double down as answers leading to multiple results. But the criteria is fairly simple.

Created by: The Geek
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Would it bother you to share a workplace with someone other than your race or ethnicity?
I could care less
I would hate the idea
honestly, I'd feel uncomfortable
4. Other than a couple of songs you may like from other music genres, you're repituar is:
that I only listen to one or two styles of music
I only really listen to what's on the radio, just because normally it's good
I have more than 3 genres, and I try to follow them
I don't like any particular music style, but I'm more interested in what other people are playing
5. When I go shopping:
I like to go where I know it'll be the cheapest
I like to know where the money for the product is going
I tend to question influences in the store, such as advertising
someone does that for me
6. Lets say a wanted picture is posted on the news for an attempted bank robbery, and the person wanted is a minority. What is the first thing that comes to mind?
It's a shame to see someone sink so low
I had a feeling it would be a minority
I wonder how far away the bank is? So that we know that we're safe
It's as much that area of the city's fault as it is the people it produces
It's just the same story I've heard before
7. If I were rich
Honestly, I'd probably buy things I didn't need
I'd be the first honest one and give it away
I think I'd invest it
I wouldn't go nuts, but I have it planned out
I'd be in no hurry. Something always comes up where someone needs money
I'd buy A LOT
8. When I work out, or commit myself to a certain job:
I like to try to push myself to my limits
I imagine people that upset me
I don't try as hard, and therefore don't end up feeling bad
I only think about how this will, or how I can benefit others in the long run
9. Are you familiar with the term 'reverse racism'?
I catch myself all the time
I don't look for it but I know it exists
I don't care
It's racism on the same race
10. When I think of donating to charity
I don't like the idea that I'm unaware of where the money actually goes
I think it's pointless next to helping first hand
I laugh
honestly I change the channel
I donate my 10% somewhere else, thank you
11. People that are crippled
annoy me
make me feel awkward
bother me, but I honestly try to act humble
make me appreciate the life I have
12. stereotypes can be right
Especially if your a business owner, it's something to look for
I don't like to think so
Of course they are, it's a lesson in life
I'm not satisfied with that statement
I could care less
13. People that are in the serving industry
Need to find a new job
have a job to make sure my needs are met
Work hard for what they do
Have made mistakes in life
I really would care more about the food
14. I eat fast food
cause it's cheap
regardless of where it's from, normally it works for me
and I typically feel some form of regret
I stay away altogether b/c it doesn't seem to help anyone anyway
and there are always people of other ethnicities there
15. Illegal Immagration
is a ploy to keep minds off the war in Iraq
takes jobs away from hardworking people
is wrong, they need to go back where they came from
is a tough situation, and I empathize
doesn't involve me as much as it would someone else
16. the stuff in my room
didn't cost much
I mostly picked up
I took and spent time and money on
is a reflection of me
owns me, but it's cooler than most other rooms
17. in life, the reflections and opinions we put highest are
those we admire
the ones that got by and lived to tell about it
family and heritage
the ones most successful
those that inspire us

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