If you were ruler, which ideology should you follow

This quiz is about theme "What if you were one ordinary leader?" (Not necessary the ruthless dictator!) This quiz is based on some facts, and can be very interesting I guess...Don't blame me if you got unexpected results. This quiz is ONLY for fun!

Are you ever wanted to be president? This quiz would solve all your ideas, and calculate what type of ideology do you (actively or passively) follow. There are 9 types of ideologies here and 10 challenging questions. Good luck!

Created by: ultras1911
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You begin your regime. What was your path to power?
I faked election's results and intimidated majority of nation's voters.
I lead people's uprising against occupators of the country.
I killed all my opponents so I can be one and only leader.
Foreign powers gave me nice amount of money to be Republic's greatest leader.
I was the successor of the former Leader in leading Party's structure
What regime....I don't recognize the government. That don't exist here.
4. You begin to rule. What is your first move?
Elimination of all remaining opposition.
Elimination of all country's national and other minorities (Gypsies, gays, Africans...the list is quite long)
Confiscation of agral land and property from former leading class.
Declaration of 24-hour long working day....Profit is most important for me.
Legalisation of marijuana, gay rights and declaring pro-immigration policy.
Constructing 3 metres tall golden statue of myself.
5. When you completed your first goal...What can be greatest plan for your rule?
Building strong military to crush all war-hungry neighbors.
Fighting illiteracy, poverty, bringing electricity to all homes in country.
Spreading to sub-human territories around my country.
Declaring war on all communist countries.
Isolating my country from neighbors influence.
Nothing....only plan is to survive.
6. You're facing challenger in coming elections. He (or she) has strong support in nation's working class. What should you do?
Cut all pays from people...They will be my personal slaves now.
Torture and kill him (or her)
I'm the patron of working class. No elections!
Face the challenger and fairly won.
Send the challenger to prison and bring him a pistol to kill himself (or herself)
Nothing....I will sit in my office and relax. I intimidated the voters, they will all vote for me!
7. Your stronger neighbor has invaded your country. You didn't get war declaration from them, and they are some 5 kms from your palace. What is your move?
Mobilising all workers and peasants to join my Army, and moving all industry to remote regions of country. I will win this sacred war!!!
I will hide in secret place and kill myself when they reach my palace.
Mobilise all existing army and build strong laborer's and peasant's armed militia.
I won't do nothing. Let those poor bastards die. I won't spend my bloody earned money for them.
Build strong concrete machine-gunned bunkers which can survive even the nuclear bomb.
I don't have palace, I live in shack!
8. Some of your men betrayed you for higher interests. They demand bigger functions for them. Also, your henchmen reported you their plans. What should you do with traitors?
I will launch purge against traitors. They must be eliminated and imprisoned all, from the leader to smallest his loyal dog.
Shot the leader, and send others to labor camps.
Make public executions of all traitors. People must see what happens to traitors!
Expell traitors from Party, and whip off them from my country!
Forgive them...they are ALSO people.
What....How I can have traitors when I eliminated all the opposition?
9. Your country still doesn't have its official anthem. You launched contest for anthem, but with one condition, anthem must have some familiar tune. Winner would be anthem with tune of...
Ode to Joy
Your country's folk music
some famous Punk song
10. Your country suffers from huge unemployment, they can buy food and water only with special tickets, agriculture and fishing is destroyed, the WHOLE country seems to be hit from economic crysis. What is your move.
I will hire economic experts to solve this problem...And seriously, I'm not a liar.
Those workers must work hard to earn anything better than 50c per months. All pays are forbidden!
I will arrange next 5-year economic plan to solve this problem.
I will kill all peasants and confiscate their property!
I will put all troublemakers in concetration camps....They will be my slave force!!!
I will create worker's councils. The united workers can only solve this problem, as like Marx said himself.
11. You managed to build one strong and respected armed force...but your military equipment is quilt old, and powerless against modern armed invader. What should you do?
I will launch complete military modernisation. Armed forces will be smaller but more efficient.
Armed forces are breaking my profit. I will ban them.
I will count on quantity rather than quality...60% of all people MUST be soldiers!
I will create Territorial Defense as second Army.
Conscription is needed for defending Homeland!
I will even invite teenagers to join my forces! When Fatherland calls, nothing is restricted!!!
12. And last question...Who would be role model for your country?
Stalin's USSR
Saddam's Iraq
Tito's Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia
Hitler's Germany
Castro's Cuba
I don't need role models, I'll start from scratch.

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