If you were a wizard, what would your patronus be?

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IvystarGecko said:
Apr 15 '16, 11:07PM


Moi said:
Nov 16 '15, 8:24PM

A Dragon.
A big-ass dragon.

natuhleegayle2 said:
May 11 '15, 4:05PM

Your patronus is a Goblin! That means that you're crafty, selfish, and headstrong. The Goblin is an extremely rare patronus. It is said that Salazar Slytherin's brother's patronus is a Goblin.

Thats what i got i am rare

Yay exotic said:
May 2 '15, 10:37PM

I have a griffen

Marshmilla said:
Feb 14 '15, 1:37PM

I got the "GRIFFIN!!!!!!!!!!! !"
...sorry 'bout that... I was overexcited... :/

Poppy 101 said:
Nov 6 '14, 11:51PM

Yay! The spirit of Gryffindor.the "Griffin"

Aza said:
Aug 21 '14, 11:57PM

Good grief. A dragon...

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