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Many people love TV and watch it all the time but how about a quiz to test you skill. Are you up to the challenge if so try out my quiz and let's see how much of a TV addict you are in my icarly trivia quiz

So bring your A game it will help it my totally awesome quiz. You will need it in this icarly trivia quiz. Hope you have fun. It will be a test of your skills, TV addictiveness, and boredom

Created by: joseph
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1. Who thought of the name icarly?
2. What does freddy do for the webshow?
write script
3. Who plays sam?
Carly Shay
Mary Scheer
Miranda Cosgrove
Jennette McCurdy
4. What other show was miranda cosgrove on (for more than one episode)?
the amanda show
naked brothers band
drake and josh
hannah montanna
5. Who play's freddy?
Jerry Trainor
Nathan Kress
Noah Munck
Colin Spensor
6. What character loves porkchops?
7. What made them start icarly?
a funny talent show
a tv show
a game show
just started it for fun
8. What does icarly stand for?
i can't act real like yahoo
none of the above
never said it
9. Who sing the theme song?
Drake Bell,Josh Peck
Drake Bell,Miranda Cosgrove
Drake Bell
Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Miranda Cosgrove
10. Who plays spencer?
Jerry Trainor
Nathan Kress
Noah Munck
Jeremy Rowley

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