I will predict your fuure! What life will you have?

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Fairytalea said:
Jun 5 '16, 11:15AM

Your Result:Your Average Dude
You will live in a house, get married to a nice person you love, graduate from college, and have some kids. May seem like a boring life, but, it's a good life. You love yourself and others and will be very generous.

1 Twilight Fan said:
Oct 29 '15, 9:08PM

I chose all the opposite of me and I got dumpstah diggah!

It sounds fun!

(ah, no it doesn't.)

qwertyqw said:
Oct 15 '15, 5:27PM

This is so freaky! This year will be the best year of your life! DON'T STOP READING!!! If you post this on 1 quiz, your mom will say"I love you" to you
2 quizzes- Your best friend will start to ingnore you for a few days
3 quizzes- Your crush will finally tak to you

sashibhooshan said:
Sep 2 '13, 5:11AM

Hi, I got the result RICHY RICH but one thing I wanted to know how did you predict it without knowing my date of Birth & other details. What is the percentage/surety of the prediction success.

jamesbond890890 said:
Oct 26 '12, 5:38AM

hhaha you are making every one rich!!!!how is thi possible i mean to have 80percent of people the same prediction

Ray Gao said:
Jul 14 '12, 9:40PM

Ha! I'm RICH!!

Cali100 said:
Jul 29 '09, 3:29PM

YaY im gonna be rich!! :)

Anaiscloud said:
Jul 23 '09, 6:58AM

great quiz yeah im gonna win the lottery! haha :)

underdog said:
Dec 30 '08, 9:48AM

I'm average and your quiz was kind of neat ummmmmmmm:( that's about it

juiceboxbud said:
Dec 29 '08, 9:29PM

i am all ready am pretty rich and it told me i would be a dumpster digger!!!!!
Is this because I don't have a religion?!?!?!?!
w ell go f**k your self with someing hard and sandpapery!
(sorry i love that quote from can i borrow that top on youtube)

Hawkshadow said:
Dec 24 '08, 12:43AM

that was dumb...

snow angel said:
Dec 23 '08, 11:09PM

Great quiz sorta weird and pointless but most quizzes are pointless
anyways please visit my quiz at http://www.gotoquiz .com/can_you_get_al l_of_these_question s_right

it will make you laugh when you see the answers becasue the answers are so obvious I will be making another quiz soon

ltlbabeangel said:
Dec 23 '08, 4:55PM

lol rich P: I shall work my way to the top ^_^

mcalover said:
Dec 23 '08, 2:58PM

i got average yeay cute quiz i like it

delilah617 said:
Dec 23 '08, 1:49PM


kewl quiz :3

Cheaz X Balle said:
Dec 23 '08, 12:22PM

OOOOHHHHH! Good Quiz! I got average!

qwertyuioppo said:
Dec 23 '08, 11:53AM

ummm. i new my result b4 i clicked submit because it was obvious. check this site out - me and my friends made it www.cookiesandcake. webs.com

cute no hot said:
Dec 23 '08, 1:03AM

richy rich!!!!!!!!!

Blah089 said:
Dec 22 '08, 7:30PM

Richy rich... yay me!

misskiss said:
Dec 22 '08, 6:46PM

average ^^. good quiz.

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