I can guess your age!

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Idktho said:
Mar 29 '16, 5:56AM

Got it right too, I'm eleven!

StickyNotes said:
Mar 13 '16, 6:26PM

Nope 18 fools

Dominic M said:
Mar 11 '16, 12:09PM

Right you are I am 13

DarkCrawler said:
Mar 10 '16, 8:10PM

Spot on dude im thirteen

User said:
Feb 11 '16, 1:17AM

Yeah! According to this quiz I am not childish. I am 11, and it said that I was 11. Woohoo!

The Baked Fruit said:
Feb 9 '16, 7:34AM

Aim 11 not 6-10

MaddyCool said:
Feb 4 '16, 4:57PM

Lol u got it right I'm 12

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