I can guess your age!

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Livi cool said:
Jan 7 '16, 2:09PM

11-15 correct

bri250 said:
Jan 7 '16, 2:12AM

it says that i'm older than I am. It said 21+ when I'm 18. But understandable since I'm ahead for my age. Graduated high school at 17 :)

kenziisthename said:
Jan 6 '16, 6:38PM

it got my age right

netsrikelyob said:
Jan 4 '16, 7:41PM

i got 11-15 which is true! im 13, lel

Raven_claw said:
Jan 4 '16, 1:28PM

Yaay! I got 11- 15 and I'm 13. Very accurate, although not everyone showers... lol that sounds weird.

TheScorpiongtx said:
Jan 2 '16, 5:59AM

Pretty accurate got 21+ I'm 22.

SadlyImLonely21 said:
Jan 2 '16, 2:51AM

Nope!!! 11-12

Sharon Lewis said:
Dec 29 '15, 9:58AM

Cool u know

MaggiePaggie said:
Dec 22 '15, 4:42PM

11-15. im 11. weird

BlerinaA123 said:
Dec 13 '15, 12:21PM

You said 16-20 and i'm actually 15 i turn 16 next year

Random101 said:
Dec 12 '15, 8:48PM

It was just a year off, oh well! I'm just wondering how/why people who's parents read for them would be taking this quiz...

F_M_L said:
Dec 9 '15, 6:24PM

6-10.. Wrong. I'm 12.

sheridan said:
Dec 9 '15, 4:19AM

I AM NOT 11-15 WRONG!!! I`M 8 YEARS OID YOU KNOW NOTHING. YOU DID`NT EVEN KNOW MY AGE IT`S 8 f**k you a lot. you suck!!!:) happy for me hmmm...

Rebekahh27 said:
Dec 8 '15, 10:27PM

I'm the creator, and I'm sorry I got it wrong! Thanks for taking the quiz!

mikunaruto said:
Dec 8 '15, 1:20PM

it was 15

iiJune said:
Dec 6 '15, 11:25PM

im nine! get wrecked. well I do suppose there is no 6 to 10 thingy maggigy

Dec 4 '15, 2:51PM

katty888 said:
Dec 3 '15, 8:50AM

This was pretty accurate!

Imcool said:
Dec 1 '15, 8:48PM

You got my age right, though I think it's sorta cheating asking questions like have you graduated high school. But overall a good quiz.

Heyheyhey said:
Dec 1 '15, 5:19PM

Hi adriana

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