I Can Guess Your Age!

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iiJune said:
Jan 6 '16, 11:24PM

100 pesent 4 between 18... wow........ THATS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 29 '14, 11:15AM

100 % between 4 - 18 i am 15 years old

harrys babe said:
Oct 20 '14, 11:43AM

Ohh i put my age 31-40...and guess wat i got 31-41..but wait a minute..IM 12...one word~ LAME..dont you think uv outgrown this??

harrys babe said:
Oct 20 '14, 11:37AM

Age question..duh~~~ maybe this wud work on a 3 year old not any older...ur not fooling me im 12

Alex Branch2 said:
Sep 12 '14, 9:28PM

I'm 10 and I got 100% 5-18

otty said:
Jul 23 '14, 9:17AM

nope not quite i am not 19-24 im 14

Hammerman said:
Jul 19 '14, 9:56PM



dogsbuddy said:
Jul 11 '14, 10:25AM

Wow you were didn't see it coming. (yes I did). But on the bright side you had a good quiz if you didn't use the first question!

artemisandarctic said:
Jul 10 '14, 11:06PM

Dude your right, but it's kinda obvious cuz of the answers

urbeautiful23 said:
Jul 9 '14, 3:09PM

she used the question in the beginning. I first got 4-18, then went back and changed my answer to 31-40, and got 31-40

Nialler34 said:
Jan 3 '14, 5:33PM

4-18 You're amazing :P

BTRfreak said:
Dec 22 '13, 3:15AM

4-18; oh, shocker.. wonder how you figured that out.

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