I bet I can guess your hair colour!

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sheridan said:
Dec 23 '15, 11:06PM

It also said brunette. ummmmmm... my hair is brown. ha ha you got it wrong!!!

Laurenxp said:
Oct 13 '15, 2:49AM

Um my hair is dark brown. It almost looks like black soo not brunette

Remember Joy said:
Jul 11 '15, 5:34PM

I got blonde. My hair is not blonde, but it is not any of the colors you guessed. It is light brown.

Kermit7181 said:
Mar 5 '15, 12:33AM

Holy s--- that was scary

utkus70 said:
Feb 22 '15, 12:04PM

Well mine is black but i got the brunette.

MissingRiddle23 said:
Feb 11 '15, 12:20PM

Haha! I don't have blonde hair! I have brown! :-P

Kaylabaa said:
Feb 6 '15, 11:18PM

Blonde. Got it right

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