how would you vote

there are few people smart enough to pick their nose much a new world leader.........but who knows you may be smart enough to teach school in georgia...good luck

will you be the one smart enough to pick the very best leader for the u.s. in the next president race??the only way to know for sure is to try it...are you up to the challenge???

Created by: James
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1. do you like george w. bush
yes. he's the greatest
no.cause I want the u.s. to be like Iraq
yes. but hillary was a better president
no. cause I'm a damn Idiot
2. would you vote for any other bush family member that runs for president
yes. the u.s. needs more bush's
no. cause I'm an Idiot
Bush? who is that?
do I have to vote if there is no bush running?
3. do you think that Hillary should run for president?
yes. cause I'm a moron
no. the world is in enough trouble
only if you like Iraq
Hillary will ruin the u.s
she did'nt do any good the first time she was president
4. is there any issue the candidates should touch on?
gun control.
stock market.
health care and drugs for seniors.
who cares as long as I don't miss smackdown.
5. do you think these quizzes are a waste of time?
6. have you ever thought of running for president?
yes. I couldnt be any worse than the past Idiots
no. I would screw it up too
I have thought of it but figured just leave it to the pros
if I had enough time for that and myspace I would
7. do you think we should pull our troops from Iraq before election day?
only if we want the u.s. destroyed
if bush put em there they need to be there
yes bush was wrong for puttin them there
no we should leave it up to the next president to decide that
8. do you get tired of the debates on t.v?
only when I'm awake
it helps us to make a more informed choice
9. are you afraid of what the u.s. will be like after bush is out of office?
10. do you believe any of the candidates are right for the job?
no. but what other choice do we have
no. because mickey mouse is not running

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