How will I die?

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Tacocat1 said:
Jan 10 '17, 3:40PM

Your Result: You will die in a car accident.

Please, continue to buckle up, and try not to speed. More likely than not, it will happen very randomly and quickly. Occasionally, this result stands for death in a plane crash. Do not fear transportation. Avoid becoming a hermit, you cannot escape fate.

86%You will die from a terminal illness.

84%You will die while saving someone's life.

78%You will die in a nuclear holocaust.

76%You will die while having sex.

74%You will be murdered.

58%You will die in your sleep.

50%You will die of boredom.

I took another quiz that stayed I'd live to be 98 so I have a long time until the car accident, unless it is not true 0.o

PikaKitty10 said:
Jan 3 '17, 8:11AM

I will die saving someone's life. I took this a few months ago and got would die in a car crash. "I guess fate changes"

BOBCAT1010 said:
Dec 12 '16, 2:46PM

I got the best way to die lol it's sleep honestly I did not think I would get the best way to die at least I was blest with a painless and harmless fearless death🙂

SirGermaphobe said:
Nov 29 '16, 9:36PM

hell yeah I'm gonna die having sex

AnimalAveril said:
Nov 11 '16, 11:24AM

omg this is so innapropriat. Well I got die in a car accident but not true my moms car IS 100% SAFE! LIER ALERT! your gonna DIE from a LIE. At least I didn't get die while having sex NEVER in my LIFE will I have sex it's terrible.

Ginnyprincess said:
Oct 10 '16, 4:18AM

I got die in my sllep!😀so the best!but th
e second one.......

annafrozen12 said:
Oct 5 '16, 10:07PM

I got die from boredom lol.

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