How Which Film Genre Would You Survive Best In?

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Water_an_Wisdom said:
Mar 9 '14, 10:28PM

92% western / 72% action adventure... What can i say i am awesome that way. :P

Rainbowfeather5 said:
Aug 6 '12, 11:23PM

Yay, horror!

Kitsune said:
Jul 11 '12, 2:16PM

horror :D

quizgirl220 said:
Apr 12 '12, 11:15AM

i luv horror i wood b dis 11 yeer old wif hr bf and bffs in a horror moovy

S542 said:
Oct 14 '11, 4:40PM

Good quiz- I got Action/ Adventure!

Puppy xo1 said:
Apr 17 '08, 8:22PM

Your Result: Horror

You would survie best in a horror film! Just like the smartest characters you would be able to outsmart the ghoul and save your friends and yourself from the power of evil.

Comedy in the world did i get horror.

Evil Lord Inthiyr said:
Apr 16 '08, 12:56PM

You didn't put enough options for the school question......There are subjects other than history and PE, you know. My favorite happens to be math.

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