How West Country are you?

Born an bred, incomer, weekender or just been on holiday? I expect it rained, didn't it? The West Country is a special place for special people, but How West Country Are You?

Get yer daps on, sup up yer scrumpy and take this quiz- after all, everyone's got a bit of West Country in their heart, or at least maybe their liver...

Created by: Corky of this site
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What would you do with a mangelwurzel?
Dry your swimming costume with it
Eat it
Feed it to yer cows
Wear it on yer head
Throw it at another one
4. You watched the Simon Pegg film Hot Fuzz, what did you think?
Great movie, loved the over-the-top comic violence
Never seen it
Good, but not as good as Shaun of the Dead
Wait, it was a film, and not a documentary?!
That gurt trolleywally was a right wazzock
5. How bist me babber?
I beg your pardon? Do I look pregnant?
He's all grown up now...
Gurt lush, ta
Half past three
Fine, you?
6. What was your first paid job?
Waitress/washer-up in local pub
In an office
In a shop
7. Which is best, M4/M5 or A303?
A303 because you get to drive past Stonehenge
M4/M5 as it's quicker on a Friday evening
Both as bad as each other
Bloody weekenders
We do both as a variety is nice for the children each weekend
8. What happened to Jesus between the Christmas story and people realising he was the Son of God an' that?
No idea
Nobody really knows
He was a carpenter in Israel
He made the hurdles for Priddy Sheep Fair
He visited Cornwall and Somerset with Joseph of Arimathea
9. What's a chuckypig?
A video game character
Don't know
A ginger sow
A little bug
You've spelled that wrong, it's with a 'g'
10. What happens at Worthy Farm at the end of June?
It's Glasto of course!
Bunch of bloody hippies!
What's Worthy Farm?
The Pilton Pop Festival
Ooo who's headlining next year, I wonder?
11. In a pub, someone tells you you have a spare on. What should you do?
Thank them and accept your extra pint
Look behind you cautiously
Aim carefully and take out the rest
Take it as an insult, you've been watching your weight
I beg your pardon?
12. You see 15,000 light bulbs on the back of a lorry, do you:
Call the police, they've obviously been nicked
Wait for the lorry to go past, there'll be more following
Walk past, they haven't turned them on and you haven't reached the start yet
Throw 2p pieces at them to try to smash them
Paint your face and tie yourself to the lorry
13. What's your favourite cheese?
A nice goats cheese
That Wensleydale with the fruit in it
Double Gloucester eaten with a broken leg and spinal injuries
14. What are crop circles?
Silly hoaxes
Amazing messages from a paranormal consciousness
Hard work to get right in the dark
A boost to the local economy
Pure vandalism of good barley
15. Where do you put the crimp?
On top, of course, me hansum
To the side, obviously
Just at the back
Oooo! Is that retro-80s style coming back now?
All over
16. Nempnett Thrubwell is ...?
A Victorian explorer
A Devon farmer who refined crop rotation
A type of pond-choking water weed
Full of commuters now
A Gloucestershire version of kiss-chase
17. There's a tractor on the road doing 17mph. What do you say to yourself?
Come on, bud, pull over and let us all past!
Well, I suppose they've got a job to do
Look at the mud falling off the wheels!
Look at me bouncing!
There's got to be 20 cars behind me before I'll pull over
18. Who was Adge Cutler?
The pirate from Bristol that killed Blackbeard
The leader of the Sedgemoor Rebellion of the 1680s
The greatest singer songwriter of the 20th century
A poet
The longest-serving leader of Mendip District Council
19. Grockleboxes should be?
Used to accompany a great pub singalong
Only be allowed out after dark
Blown up
Used to store honey
Kept on the left-hand side
20. It's November 5, what do you do?
Stay in with your frightened pets
Light some sparklers for the kids in the garden
Go to your nearest organised firework display
Fill a barrel with highly flammable tar, set it on fire and carry it through a huge crowd of people
Start a revolution

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