How well do you know Zelda Twilight Princess?

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is one of the best video games ever made. If you've played it, you're nearly guaranteed to be a master at this quiz. But maybe not . . .

Let's see if you're the Zelda know-it-all you think you are. Take this quiz, and prove that you know this game like the back of your hand. Lots of people are Zelda know-it-alls, but are you?

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1. Who is the main character (the player's) name?
Twilight Princess
2. Who turned out to be the Twilight Princess?
No one; the Twilight Princess no longer exists
3. What forces Link to transform into a wolf?
Midna put a spell on him
The dark power of the Twilight Realm forced him to take the form of a beast
Zant recited a magical chant, therefore putting the curse on Link
He had been keeping it a secret, but was part wolf all along
4. When does Link first meet Zelda?
Shortly after Link first met midna
After Link had defeated Ganon
At the very end, after Ganondorf had been killed
In the very beginning when Link lived in Ordon
5. What was the purpose of the Shadow Beasts falling from portals in the sky and into places all over Hyrule?
They were looking to destroy all humans from the Light World
The Shadow Beasts were sent by Ganon to defeat Midna
They were out to steal the light from the Light World, directed by Zant
The dark creatures wished to retrieve Link and bring him to Zant
6. In the Hyrule Castle temple, what signaled you that Ganon (beast form)was about to come out of one of his moving portals?
The red portal turned blue
The sky darkened and the ground began to rumble
Zelda would scream out in a warning
Midna would race out of the castle and wait for Ganon to leave
7. When was the only time that Link briefly spoke?
When he commented to Midna that Zant was lurking right behind her
When he announced to Uli that the children were safe
When he told Gor Goron why he had come to enter the Goron Mines Fire Temple
When he was talking to the Zoras about the eveil Yeti monster hiding in their territory
8. What encouraged Midna to help Link save princess Zelda?
Link begged her and she felt bad and gave in
Zelda said she would do something good for Midna if she helped her
Midna didn't have to be encouraged; she automatically helped Link
The fact that Link agreed to help save the Twilight Realm, her home
9. What dark Twilight object did Zant use to force Link to remain a wolf until the power was magically let up?
Shadow Crystal
Twlight particals
The Shadow Beast Spell
A Fused Shadow
10. What was the only object with the power to lift the curse off Link?
A partical of sunlight from the Light World
The Master Sword
The Light Crystal
The Sol
11. Where was the Master Sword found?
In the center of mysterious Snowpeak Top after defeating Blizzeta
In Mirror Chamber
Hidden at the very end of a labyrinth deep in the cave of Lake Hylia
In Sacred Grove
12. Why couldn't Zant completely shatter the mirror that reflects the staircase which leads into the Twilight Realm?
He could, but chose not to because he wished for his people to be able to move freely between the two realms
Link defeated him before he could completely shatter the mirror with his powers
He was not the true leader, and only the leader could shatter the mirror completely
Midna stopped him with her strong power
13. What is Midna's main source of power?
Her hair
The Twilight symbols on her body
The force of magic she pulled from the body of Zant
The power from slayed Shadow Beasts
14. At the end, what did Zelda use to stun Ganondorf on his horse?
Light Arrows
Midna's locks of hair
A powerful Twilight Slingshot
Link's Master Sword
15. Who did Link have to kill first in the battle against Ganondorf?
Ganon (beast form)
16. Which temple was located in Ordon?
Forest Temple
Lakebed Temple
Ordon Temple
There was no temple in Ordon
17. What different form did Midna turn into?
A human
A giant arachnid-like creature
A giant beast
Both 1 and 2
18. What did Midna use to transform herself into an arachnid?
The Shadow Crystal
The Fused Shadows
Her helmet
Both 2 and 3
19. What did Ganondorf hold in his hand and crush after exiting the castle, making it apparent that he killed Midna?
Midna herself
All four Fused Shadows
The last shard to the Twilight Mirror
Her helmet
20. What did Midna say at the end that could possibly express her love for Link?
I . . .
Love you.
I will never forget you.
I love you so much.

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