How well do you know your parts of speech?

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taraisntmyname said:
Apr 4 '11, 3:28PM

What's up with all the Ninja questions?

cmcc said:
Sep 8 '10, 9:06AM

Seemed is not conditional on anything. It "links" the predicate nominative ('happy' ) to its subject (pirates).

Alexandra123 said:
Apr 6 '10, 12:13AM

Two things:
Sneaked is the past tense of sneak.
Commas go between independent clauses (that are joined with coordinating conjunctions).

A lso, "seemed" seemed fine to me.

aspiringgrammarguru said:
May 9 '08, 10:58PM

Great quiz. You put a lot of work into creating it. Thank you very much.

In response to an earlier comment, I don't think there is anything wrong with question #6, "The pirates SEEMED quite happy." "SEEMED" is indeed a linking verb. It does not appear to be a conditional verb to me.

Again, thanks a lot.

grammar guru said:
May 4 '08, 8:11PM

I enjoyed the quiz. Please revise answers for question #6 "The pirates SEEMED quite happy." The verb "seemed" is actually a conditional verb. I found that this question did not have an absolute answer.

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