How Well Do You Know Your Literacy

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This quiz will make you top of the class in literacy and the teacher will love you so much they will not notice your "occasional" spelling mistakes so take this quiz for the chance to be teachers pet

Could the next literacy genius be YOU! You think so, well take this quiz and find out.When you have taken this quiz and become a literacy genius you can help other people who are maybe not quite so much of a genius of you!?!

Created by: amazon
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1. What is a Biography?
An argument
A story
A writing about yourself
A writing about somebody else
2. What is a recount?
A writing about an event coming up
A writing about an event that just happened
A story
3. What is a fantasy story?
A made up story
A made up story of a made up place with made up people
A factual story
4. What is an Autobiography?
A writing about youyrself
Writing about someone else
5. What is a verb?
A describing word
A doing word
6. What is an adjective?
A describing word
A doing word
7. What does an exclamation mark show?
Someone or something is exciting/excited or to show someone is angry
To show someone is very sad
To show something boring just happened
8. If i have a beginning and an ending for my story what two important things am i missing?
Once upon a time... and THE END
or Problem and resolution
9. What type of text is this... Dogs need space to roam around and be free. On the other hand their owners do not always pick up their poop.
Disscussion text
A balanced argument text
10. Do you know your alphabet? Which letter has gone missing? A B D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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