How well do you know Twilight?

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SaraW said:
Apr 19 '12, 5:53PM

100% yep that's me great quiz

TEEHEE said:
May 16 '09, 11:22PM

i got 100% !!!!!!! what now foo !!!!!!


richfast said:
May 16 '09, 1:24PM

94 percent.Good quiz

x aka mrlq x said:
May 16 '09, 2:46AM

You are are 88% Twilight knower!

88%Twilight Super-Mega Fan You know everything about Twilight!(Or at least everything on the quiz!) But you probaly know a whole bunch more! So keep on keeping on with Twilight!

how rude watev teehee AGAIN

cutiepie2011 said:
May 9 '09, 7:09PM

omg how dare they only say 86% whatever 4get them

megasence said:
May 1 '09, 9:26PM only on the first twilight book and im on the 6th chapter...srry =(

Maddie222 said:
May 1 '09, 4:24PM


I know twilight 0%!

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