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The Rocky Mountains hold a celebrated place in the "wildest" West of both myth and reality, but nobody has ever documented the many sites associated with Colorado and Wyoming's notorious past. THE CRIME BUFF'S GUIDE TO THE OUTLAW ROCKIES now takes you on a time-traveling tour through the haunts of Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch, serial killer Ted Bundy, the Columbine massacre, and hundreds of the West's most lawless characters.

How well do you know the outlaw history of Colorado and Wyoming? Until now you could only wonder. Take this quiz and find out if you're an outlaw buff or just an outlaw buffoon!

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1. In the 1890s, legendary outlaw Butch Cassidy formed the gang known as the Wild Bunch. From time to time, they hung out in:
Robber's Roost in Utah
Hole in the Wall country in Wyoming
Brown's Hole in Colorado
Powder Wash in Wyoming
All of the above
2. In 1977, serial killer Ted Bundy was about to stand trial for murdering a vacationing nurse when he escaped by jumping from the second story window of a courthouse in what Colorado town?
Glenwood Springs
3. In his seminal western novel "The Virginian," author Owen Wister describes the hero's final gunfight with bad guy Trampas — the first “walk-down” in the history of western literature. This shootout takes place on the street in front of what real-life Wyoming hotel?
The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne
The Occidental Hotel in Buffalo
The Virginian Hotel in Medicine Bow
The Wort Hotel in Jackson
The Irma Hotel in Cody
The Sheridan Inn in Sheridan
4. On January 10, 1917, Buffalo Bill died at age 70 while visiting his sister’s Denver home. An enormous controversy erupted: Where should the famous Wild West showman be buried? After all the fuss, he was buried:
Under 10 tons of concrete on Lookout Mountain, Colorado
In a family plot near his birthplace in present-day Canada
On a mountain near his namesake town of Cody, Wyoming
In the town cemetery of Buffalo, Wyoming
On a buffalo ranch near Pueblo, Colorado
In the town square of Bill, Wyoming
5. The worst of America's worst criminals are imprisoned in the Rockies. Built into a mountainside, Supermax prison is known as the “Alcatraz of the Rockies,” a 37-acre federal complex festooned with motion detectors, 1,400 remote-controlled steel doors, laser beams, barbed wire fences, pressure pads and attack dogs where no single serious escape attempt has ever been made since it was built in 1994. Where is it?
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Rawlins, Wyoming
F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming
Trinidad, Colorado
Florence, Colorado
Gillette, Wyoming
6. In 2003, the sports world was rocked when Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a 19-year-old hotel employee at Colorado's exclusive Lodge at Cordillera in Edwards. What was his room number?
Room 8 (same as his jersey number at the time)
Room 217
Room 666
Room 35
His room was reserved for celebrities and didn't have a number
Room 1
7. In 1874, a guide named Alfred (or Alferd) Packer allegedly killed and ate five companions while snowed in at a mountain camp high in the Rockies. The murderous man-eater, who reportedly later became a vegetarian, is memorialized with the "El Canibal" burrito served at:
Casa Bonita in Denver
A sidewalk taco stand in Grand Junction, Colorado
No place. That'd be tasteless.
The Westminster (Colorado) Mall food court
A vegetarian cafe in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
The Alferd Packer Grill at the University of Colorado in Boulder
8. In 1903, infamous stock detective Tom Horn was hanged in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for the murder of 15-year-old Willie Nickell. Where was Horn buried?
Cheyenne's Lakeview Cemetery
Green Hill Cemetery in Laramie, Wyoming
Fairmount Cemetery in Denver
Columbia Cemetery in Boulder, Colorado
A family plot in Scotland County, Missouri
Under the Cheyenne jailhouse floor
9. The childhood home of reality-TV star Duane Chapman -- better known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter" -- is in what Rocky Mountain city?
Denver, Colorado
Riverton, Wyoming
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Grand Junction, Colorado
Casper, Wyoming
10. The placid American heartland was stunned in January 1958 when a 19-year-old Nebraska kid named Charles Starkweather and his 15-year-old girlfriend Caril Fugate went on a week-long killing spree across two states. Starkweather was finally captured in Wyoming after a high-speed shootout that ended where?
At a crossroads known as Orrin Junction
In downtown Douglas
In a mountain hideout near Powell
At a diner in Chugwater
At a public park in Wheatland
At a brothel in Lusk

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