How well do you know Sonora Academy?

Sonora Academy of Witcraft and Wizardry lies in the Painted Desert of Arizona. It is home to over a hundred students with magical abilities, not to mention the staff members, assorted pets, portraits, ghosts, prarie elves, and inumerable other residents.

There's a lot to take in when role playing. Do you know who's who, when what happened, and where? Take this test now, and find out how well you know Sonora Academy.

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1. Answer all of these questions without nosing around the site - you'll be given the answers at the end! How many subjects are taught at Sonora?
2. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Earl is older than Eaven
Gwen is older than Morgaine
Allie is older than Lila
Gil is older than Leo
3. Who said, "I think the headmaster has lost his mind"?
Chrissy Mathers
Red Arden
Kathleen McFarlan
Amber Carey
4. Which of the following students in NOT in Teppenpaw?
Gwyneth Aquillon
Camren Christianson
Darla Park
Talitha Cumni
5. What is the floor of the Cascade Hall made from?
white and beige hued marble
black and white marbled design
polished oak
polished granite
6. Which of these students is in Pecari?
Ebony Green
Lawrence Cooper
Sierra Tarwater
Dolan Everwyld
7. Who of the following is not a pureblood?
Lucas Smythe
Zoey Welsh
Anne Wright
Nicoletta Dupree
8. 'Sensible, down-to-earth, and very rule driven' are traits of which house?
9. Which of these students is in Crotalus?
Derek Samonns
Lutece Anthony
Hannah Laurent
Francisco Vargas
10. Which of these portraits cannot be found at Sonora Academy?
Tavarius Mims
Tabitha Tribble
Tyranthia Boyd
Gunter the Zombie
11. Which of these students is NOT a reserve player for their house team?
Hyana Kamiya
Oliver Abbott
Hikaru Kusaragi
Irene Liddowe
12. What is the preferred hot beverage of Professor Drake O'Leary?
Peppermint tea
Black coffee
Earl Grey
Hot chocolate
13. What is Ben Stafford's middle name?
14. Who of the following has not tried to initiate a school club?
Bella Santoro
Echo Ems
Josiah Ashwood
Geoffrey Spindler
15. Which of these cannot be located within the Labyrinth gardens?
A tree swing
The No Girls Allowed Fort
A statue with a beak
16. Which of these students is the odd one out by year?
Meredith Havernash
Beth Fisher
TJ O'Reilly
Nathalie Grant
17. What is the name of the resident library cat?
18. Which of the following students has never been to a Novelling Fury! meeting?
Stephen Baxter
Adam Brockert
Helena Layne
Gwen Carey
19. What do Alexandria Stafford and Kaylie Brockert have in common?
They both play Quidditch
They're both in Teppenpaw
They've both dated Chris Dupree
All of the above
20. Which is the only house at Sonora that does not contain at least one student with the surname Dupree?
21. Who said the following: "My family lives sort of in the fringes between magical and muggle." ?
Catherine Raines
Saul Pierce
Hyana Kamiya
Niobe Yuma
22. Of which of the following is Geoffrey Layne most afraid?
23. Who of the following did not visit the hospital wing in their first year?
Jae Dimitri
Leo Idoya
Lila St Martin
Briony O'Leary
24. Where does the Aladren common room lie?
Halfway down a staircase, accessed by doing a jig
In a hedge in the Labyrinth Gardens
In the library behind a bookcase
Behind the portrait of Gunter the Zombie
25. Which of the following students does NOT play beater for their house Quidditch team?
Lily Collins
Jake Santoro
Paul Tarwater
Caedence Redoak
26. The view from the Teppenpaw commons windows in reminiscent of where?
The Labyrinth Gardens
19th Century Arizona
27. Which of the following students was born in the USA?
Elly Eriksson
Ebony Green
Mateo Santoro
Nikki Ramirez
28. Of which Quidditch team was Sonoran Quidditch Coach, Amy Fox, previously a member?
Florida Heliopaths
Pride of Portree
New York Skyscrapers
Wisconsin Whistlers
29. What position did she play?
30. Who was not selected as 'most popular' in the yearbook?
Elizabeth Lavine
Jordanna Howard
Pepper Jones
Dalila Bastet
31. Same for the boys - Who was not selected as 'most popular' in the yearbook?
Josh Santoro
Stephen Baxter
Connor Pierce
Saul Pierce
32. Who of the following faculty does not have a daughter?
Aaron McKindy
Sadi Powell
Drake O'Leary
Marian Connell
33. The ghost town associated with Sonora is...
Baron Hollow
Gramarye Valley
34. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Asher is older than Michael
Sorrel is older than Ash
Jenna is older than Jordanna
Talen is older than Danae
35. What is the school uniform?
Forest green robes with the house emblem embroidered on the front right
Pale gray robes with the house emblem embroidered on the front left
Plain black robes with the house emblem embroidered on the tie
Shocking violet robes with the house emblem embroidered on the chest pocket
36. Who said "This guy is like cool like monster socks"?
Simon Tellerman
Kaleb Heindrich
Dillon Welsh
Brett Hodges
37. Which student is in Teppenpaw?
Tally Adams
Adam Whitney
Meredith Lail
Mia Kerova
38. Which of the following staff members has never been Head of Teppenpaw House?
Manfred Bulla
Declan Chatterjee
Nicholas Wolfe
Genevieve Williams
39. Whose birthday is April 23rd?
Jennifer Zucchero
Riley Garraway
Kiva Kijewski
Sally Porter
I have no idea! That's just silly!
40. Last one - which subject did Tavarius Mims teach at Sonora?
Ancient Runes

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